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Welcome to Bird Watching HQ!   My name is Scott and I absolutely love bird watching! I consider myself a beginner and have a lot to learn.   I am in my early thirties, trying to balance my love of birding with life’s other responsibilities. Mainly my beautiful family, friends, health and work.   I have one beautiful two year old daughter who is in […]


I thought it would be beneficial to share all of the tools, gear and products that I am currently using. I love talking to other birders to get new ideas and thought this could be valuable. Please comment at the bottom if there‚Äôs something I should check out.   *Any product, book or service that appears below is something I am currently using or have […]

My Life List

World: 28 species Ohio: 28 species My Yard: 15   *eBird is used to keep track of my lists. The links above will take you to my eBird profile, lists and species.*   I have enjoyed birding on and off for the past 10 years or so. One of the reasons that I enjoy the hobby is the feeling of adding to my life list […]

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The 8 Best Bird Watching Binoculars of 2017

Can we agree that shopping for the BEST bird watching binoculars can be extremely frustrating?   There are countless makes and models, all making some pretty big promises. After doing some research, it seemed that more questions arose than answers.   How much should I spend? Am I getting ripped off? Is this the best choice for bird watching? Which brand is the best?   […]

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Monthly Update: February 2017

Birds Added to Life List: 5 Total Birds on Life List: 28   Wow! February brought a crazy month of weather here in Ohio.   It has been extremely warm and included some big shifts in temperature. We had everything from multiple days that reached records highs in the 70’s to the next day having an inch of snow on the ground.   And I […]

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“Spark Bird”

“Spark Bird”

When I first discovered birding, it felt as though a hidden and secret world had finally been revealed. I couldn’t believe that so many people cared passionately about our feathered friends and conserving the wild lands that they lived upon. I compare it to Harry Potter finding out there is a separate universe filled with wizards and he is one of them!   Almost every […]

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