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See More RED! The 3 BEST Cardinal Bird Feeders (2018)

What are the BEST cardinal feeders to use in my backyard?   It’s a common question asked by both experienced and beginner bird watchers.   But why?   Well, in my opinion, it’s because the Northern Cardinal is one of the most beautiful and stunning birds you will find in your backyard and arguably the most famous bird that is native to North America.   […]

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Finding the BEST Finch Feeder: What’s Working in 2017

Having a quality finch feeder (or multiple finch feeders!) is a cornerstone of any successful backyard feeding station.   Here’s why:   Finches are some of the most common birds to see at feeders and are relatively easy to attract. By providing a finch feeder full of nyjer seed (more on this below) you are almost guaranteed to have a constant supply in your backyard. […]

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The 5 BEST Bluebird Feeders To Try in 2018

Few birds stop me in my tracks like an Eastern Bluebird.   Their beautiful shade of blue and rusty colored chest is always striking. One of my favorite birding activities is searching for bluebirds after a fresh coat of snow. The vibrant blue against the white snow backdrop is stunning!   Most people want to attract bluebirds to their backyard feeders and yards.  Unfortunately, I […]

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The BEST Websites to Find Bird Pictures, Images and Photos of Birds.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of different websites where you can view bird pictures, photographs and images of birds.   Here’s the problem:   The reasons that people search online for bird pictures and images vary greatly.   For example:   Are you looking for stock bird photos? Do you need FREE bird images? Are you trying to learn different species of birds for your […]

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The Best Hummingbird Feeders To Try In 2018 – Plastic, Glass & Unique

So every time I go shopping for hummingbird feeders, I come to the following conclusion:   Finding quality hummingbird feeders is not as easy as it sounds!   There are literally hundreds of different options and styles, which leads to many questions:   Should my feeder be made of plastic or glass? Are the expensive hummingbird feeders the best? Will this unique blown glass hummingbird […]

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Bird Movies, Films, and Documentaries Every Birder Must Watch!

Whether you are an active birder, backyard bird watcher or just love learning about birds, you have come to the right place! There are bird films and bird movies on this list for everyone!   I included all of my favorites; from the best bird documentaries to kids movies to feature length movies about birds.   These films & movies are perfect to combine your […]

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45+ Unique Bird Watching Gifts for Bird Lovers: Ideas for EVERYONE!

Are you having trouble finding unique bird watching gifts for the bird lover in your life?   I get it!     Finding unique bird gifts and the best presents for bird lovers is VERY challenging.   And it’s especially hard if you don’t love birds or bird watching yourself!   But you have come to the right place.   I have put together a […]

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The 6 Birding Podcasts I’m Listening Too Right Now

What do you listen to while driving in your car?   Music? Talk Radio? Nothing?   What if you could turn those wasted moments into a chance to learn about birds?   That is how I utilize the best bird watching podcasts.   It’s one of my favorite ways to consume information and news.   A podcast is an audio program that that is downloaded […]

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Eagle Optics Ranger Review: A Binocular Designed For Birders!

The Eagle Optics Ranger ED binocular is a lot like a Toyota Camry.   Let me explain:    A Camry is a quality, mid-priced vehicle. It’s not the most expensive or flashiest car on the road but it’s also not the cheapest. When I bought my Camry, I knew I was getting a very reliable car that would last for years and satisfy every need […]

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Celestron Nature DX Review: The Best BUDGET Binoculars on Planet Earth

The Celestron Nature DX binocular gets my vote for the BEST binocular if you are on a tight budget.   And there is really no other competition among binoculars under $200.        Celestron Nature DX Review: Table of Contents  The 4 People the Nature DX is Perfect For 5 Reasons to Purchase the Celestron Nature DX  The 3 Best Places to Buy This […]

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Bird Watching Holidays You MUST Add To Your Calendar This Year

What are the most important days for someone who loves birds to remember?   This question that came to me during Global Big Day 2017. This is an event sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that invites everyone from around the world to look for birds on the same day every year and submit their observations to eBird.   Global Big Day is a […]

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The 11 Best Spotting Scopes for Bird Watching (2017)

Owning a quality birding spotting scope is a necessity for most birders.   Here’s why:   While binoculars are easy to carry as they hang off your neck, their magnification can only get you so close to the action.   For example, the average bird watching binoculars have a zoom of 8x-10x. This is wonderful until the bird you are observing has flown to the […]

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2nd Quarter of 2017 – Personal Birding Updates

Birds Added to Life List: 39 Total Birds on Life List: 75   It has been a few months since I have posted an update about what’s going on with my personal bird watching life and updated my life list.   First, instead of posting an update every month, I am switching to just do a quarterly update. Out of all the articles I have […]

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Bird Watching in AND around Disney World: The Ultimate Guide

Is it possible to see wild and native birds while visiting Disney World in Orlando?   That’s the question I wanted to answer during our recent vacation to the self-proclaimed “Happiest Place on Earth.”   And no, Donald and Daisy Duck don’t count. 🙂   We (wife, daughter and me) spent a week at the Disney Beach Club Resort and Coronado Springs Resort. From a […]

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The Rules, Etiquette, and Ethics of Birding (Hint: Don’t Be An Asshole!)

I have a question for you.   Who is most disrespectful or annoying birder you have ever been around? (Warning: If you can’t think of anyone then it could be you!)   Did they talk too loud?  Or maybe they never stopped talking? Did they scare away every single bird?   What did they do that makes them stand out?   Whether you have been […]

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The Best Bird Watching Apps of 2017

I can’t imagine leaving my smart phone at home when birding! As technology continues to advance, it has become an invaluable tool.   For example, I have bird watching apps for just about everything, including field guides, checklist apps, automatic recognition and even apps that sync with eBird to help find local birds that I haven’t seen yet!   But trying to find apps that […]

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The 19 Best Bird Watching Books to Read THIS Year

This list of the 19 best bird watching books was designed to include bird books that you WANT to read.   So let me tell you what is NOT on this list.   Field Guides.   It’s not that I don’t appreciate field guides. They are an essential part of any bird watchers library.   But to make it onto this list, I had to […]

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Leica Noctivid Review: The 7 BEST Reasons to Purchase Today

“The best binoculars we’ve ever made.” ~ Leica   Statements like this make you take notice. Especially coming from a company like Leica that has been in business for over 100 years and has built up such an incredible reputation for their optics.   In August 2016, the Leica Noctivid was introduced and replaced the Leica Ultravid-HD with the honor as the companies best binocular. […]

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The Best Birding Blogs of 2017

Did you know there are now over 1 billion different websites on the internet? Wow!   This plethora of information has created a problem for me:   I find it extremely difficult to navigate the World Wide Web to find the best bird watching blogs!   It reminds me of trying to find a Common Nighthawk during the day, very challenging!   And let’s be honest, […]

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Monthly Update: March 2017

Birds Added to Life List: 8 Total Birds on Life List: 36   Spring is here! Spring is here!   The unpredictable weather from February carried over into March. The beginning of the month came in like a bang with tornado warnings and high winds. Then it snowed. And then the rains came and wouldn’t stop. Of course a few beautiful sunny days were mixed […]

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