14 Actionable Bird Watching Tips for Beginners (and a few for everyone!)

So you’ve been bitten by the bird watching bug?   Congratulations! You are one of the millions from around the world that consider themselves a bird watcher or birder.   But beginning any new activity, sport or hobby (the debate about what to call bird watching rages) there is an ostrich egg’s size of information to learn and only so much time in a day. […]

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The 8 Best Binoculars for Bird Watching (2018)

Can we agree that shopping for the BEST bird watching binoculars can be incredibly frustrating?   There are countless makes and models, all making some pretty big promises. After doing some research, more questions usually arise.   How much should I spend? Am I getting ripped off?  Which brand is the best?     I spent hours upon hours (seriously, way too much time!) digging […]

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Monthly Update: February 2017

Birds Added to Life List: 5 Total Birds on Life List: 28   Wow! February brought a crazy month of weather here in Ohio.   It has been extremely warm and included some big shifts in temperature. We had everything from multiple days that reached records highs in the 70’s to the next day having an inch of snow on the ground.   And I […]

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