The 19 Best Bird Watching Books to Read THIS Year

This list of the 19 best bird watching books was designed to include bird books that you WANT to read.   So let me tell you what is NOT on this list.   Field Guides.   It’s not that I don’t appreciate field guides. They are an essential part of any bird watchers library.   But to make it onto this list, I had to […]

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Leica Noctivid Review: The 7 BEST Reasons to Purchase Today

“The best binoculars we’ve ever made.” ~ Leica   Statements like this make you take notice. Especially coming from a company like Leica that has been in business for over 100 years and has built up such an incredible reputation for their optics.   In August 2016, the Leica Noctivid was introduced and replaced the Leica Ultravid-HD with the honor as the companies best binocular. […]

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The Best Birding Blogs of 2017

Did you know there are now over 1 billion different websites on the internet? Wow!   This┬áplethora of information has created a problem for me:   I find it extremely difficult to navigate the World Wide Web to find the best bird watching blogs!   It reminds me of trying to find a Common Nighthawk during the day, very challenging!   And let’s be honest, […]

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Monthly Update: March 2017

Birds Added to Life List: 8 Total Birds on Life List: 36   Spring is here! Spring is here!   The unpredictable weather from February carried over into March. The beginning of the month came in like a bang with tornado warnings and high winds. Then it snowed. And then the rains came and wouldn’t stop. Of course a few beautiful sunny days were mixed […]

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