2nd Quarter of 2017 – Personal Birding Updates

Birds Added to Life List: 39

Total Birds on Life List: 75


It has been a few months since I have posted an update about what’s going on with my personal bird watching life and updated my life list.


First, instead of posting an update every month, I am switching to just do a quarterly update. Out of all the articles I have written, the updates about myself are my least favorite to work on. I have never felt comfortable talking about myself!


Second, there just didn’t seem like enough content to provide a monthly update. Waiting for each quarter gives a little better perspective and hopefully will be more interesting.


Since my last update in March, I have traveled to two different states (Utah and Florida) for fun trips. Neither trip was specifically to go bird watching, but of course I saw some new birds in each location.


Over the past 3 months, my life list has more than doubled in size! It is now up to a total of 75 birds! 


Checklists and Birds in 2nd Quarter 2017:

  • Total # of Species Observed: 68
  • Birds Added to Life List: 39



Favorite Birding Trips of the Month:


My two favorite birding trips of the past quarter were the two vacations that I took to Utah and Florida!


Zion National Park, Utah – May 6th-9th 2017:


Zion angels landingHow have I not been to Zion National Park before? The place was incredible!


I visited at the beginning of May with two of my friends. We spent 3 days in the park followed by a night in Las Vegas.


These two friends are not interested in bird watching, so there were no trips specifically planned to see birds or visit a local hot spot. Our main intent was to do some hiking and for the first time in my life do some canyoneering and rappelling, which was incredible and terrifying!


I did manage to see a few new species while hiking and walking around our campsite. My favorite birds of the trip were the White-throated Sparrows that were soaring above Angel’s Landing after we got up to the top. It was extremely windy and they were riding the wind all around the mountains.


Disney World – Orlando, Florida – June 10th-18th, 2017:


Birding and Bird Watching at Magic KingdomThe “Happiest Place on Earth”! My wife, daughter and I visited Disney World for a week, staying on Disney Property at the Beach Club and Coronado Springs Resorts. We have another baby arriving (boy!) in September and thought it would be fun to visit Disney and have a trip together before adding another one to our family.


Disney is not known for being a bird watching hot spot. I wasn’t expecting birds to fall from the sky, but I did take it as a personal goal to see as many species as possible. My original goal was to see 50 species and even prepared a list of potential birds that could be seen around the parks. I ended up seeing 27 different species during our week stay.


To hear all about the trip and different species that were seen, check out my post:


**Bird Watching In AND Around Disney World: The Ultimate Guide**


Favorite Bird of the Quarter:


*Scarlet Tanager*


A bird that will always hold a special place in my heart! My “Spark Bird” was a Scarlet Tanager many years ago.


I had not seen a Scarlet Tanager in a year or two until recently. They are typically difficult to observe as they live at the top of the forest canopy during the warmer months in Ohio. As it gets colder, they migrate down to the tropics.


Their giveaway is a distinctive “Chick burr” call that can be heard echoing in the woods. As soon as that familiar sound is heard, my binoculars go straight to the tops of the tree looking for a brilliant flash of red.


Bird Watching HQ Updates:


I have been busy!


New Posts:


Over the past 3 months, I have published the following new posts:


Please check them out if you haven’t already!


Facebook “Likes” = 3,978


Facebook has continued to increase in the number of people following the page. Thank you!


Email Subscribers = 14


My Facebook page keeps growing, but no one seems interested in subscribing to my email list!


This was only a substantial increase in the past 3 months (8 subscribers to 14).


Looking Ahead:


The third quarter (July, August and September) take us straight through the summer months in Ohio, which means many species of birds will still be around visiting before they begin migrating. This means I plan on getting outside as much as possible.


Our big news is that we have a baby boy coming in September, so we are busy getting his room ready and doing our best to prepare for the addition of another child to the house. Our daughter is very excited for a little brother, our spoiled dog just can’t believe this is happening again!


Looking forward to filling everyone in at the beginning of October!


Happy birding!



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