Eagle Optics Ranger Review: A Binocular Designed For Birders!

Eagle Optics Ranger ED ReviewThe Eagle Optics Ranger ED binocular is a lot like a Toyota Camry.


Let me explain: 


A Camry is a quality, mid-priced vehicle. It’s not the most expensive or flashiest car on the road but it’s also not the cheapest. When I bought my Camry, I knew I was getting a very reliable car that would last for years and satisfy every need I have as a driver.


Just like a Camry, the Eagle Optics Ranger ED is an incredible combination of performance AND affordability. It’s an amazing VALUE at around $350 and I have yet to meet anyone that is unhappy with their decision to buy this optic. 🙂

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The Ranger ED was designed with birders in mind and are the top of their class in their price range. After reviewing many different binoculars, these outperform many optics much higher in price!

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To help organize this review of the Ranger ED, I broke this post down into 6 reasons I think this binocular is worthy of your consideration for watching nature and birds.


Let’s begin!

6 Reasons to Purchase the Eagle Optics Ranger ED


1. Technical Specifications Perfect for Watching Nature.


“Designed with birders in mind.”  – Eagle Optics


Eagle Optics Ranger ED ReviewI am an avid bird watcher.


When reviewing binoculars, this is the perspective that I base many of my opinions. I am looking for optics that can help see birds clearly. I want bright and crisp images, wide field of view, low close focus and a binocular that is light and easy to carry.


In this Eagle Optics Ranger ED review, I am focusing on a binocular with an 8x magnification and 42mm objective lens diameter (8×42). This is the combination that I prefer but opinions vary.


For example, many people prefer a binocular with different numbers, such as a 10×42 or 8×32. To satisfy everyone, the Ranger ED comes in a few different sizes. View All Sizes

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Technical data: Eagle Optics Ranger ED 8×42.


Field of View (FOV): 341 feet / 1,000 yards


Having a wide Field of View is very important for watching nature and birds. You need to be able to follow the action!


The Ranger ED has a decent FOV, but it’s not great. Comparing to other optics on my Best Birding Binoculars Chart, it comes in relatively low.


Ranger ED Binocular ReviewClose Focus: 5.2 feet


A low Close Focus ensures you can get very close to your subject AND still have the binocular focus on the fine details.


5.2 feet is exceptionally small and out performs many optics that are much more expensive!


Weight: 22.4 ounces


The weight of your binocular is an important consideration. Just remember, these things will be hanging from your neck or body all day!


The Ranger ED has a light polycarbonate body and is compact AND ergonomically designed, which means it looks nice and is comfortable to hold.


Dimensions (Height x Width): 5.8 x 5.1 inches


I like binoculars less than 6 inches in length. It needs to feel compact in my hand and easy to hold for long periods of time.


Do you wear glasses?

  • Eye Relief: 19.5 mm
  • The Ranger ED has eyecups that twist up or down. Easy to adjust the binocular to fit your unique face.


2. Extra-low Dispersion Glass


Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass was once a feature that was only found in very expensive binoculars. Lucky for us, it’s now found in many low-priced optics, including the Eagle Optics Ranger.


So WHY is ED glass a good thing?


Well, if you want to get nerdy just Google “What is extra-low dispersion glass?” and you will get entire pages and posts dedicated to the science behind ED glass, complete with diagrams and lots of talk about dispersion through prisms.


Eagle Optics ED Glass ReviewBut if you’re like me, then you just want to know simply why ED glass is important and what it will do for me in the field.


ED Glass Enhances Color & Resolution


ED glass is great at minimizing color fringing (also called chromatic aberration), which is the inability of a lens to bring all the wavelengths of color together. Color fringing makes the image look blurry or appears to have a noticeable color (e.g. red, blue, yellow or green) around the edges.


So ED glass makes the image look better, especially in high contrast situations. You will see a remarkable difference in image sharpness, clarity, detail, contrast and brightness.

3. Solid Image at a Great Price


“The inspiration for Eagle Optics began in 1986 as a quest to put reasonably priced, quality optics into the hands of nature lovers.”Eagle Optics


This is a direct quote from the Eagle Optics website. It sums up exactly what to expect from their products. The Ranger ED is an AFFORDABLE binocular at around $330.

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But Eagle Optics has also managed to make this a QUALITY binocular. The image that comes through the lens is excellent and rivals many optics with a higher price.


Eagle Optics Ranger ED - Value BinocularsHigh-Quality Glass and Coatings:


Extra-low Dispersion Glass: This was already covered in Reason #1. See above.


Fully Multi-coated Lenses: All air-to-glass surfaces have multiple layers of coatings.


On the way through the lens system, light is lost. As this happens, it negatively affects the image that reaches your eye.


Each company has different coatings, and they all have different effects, but the goal is the same: To help preserve precious light!


Phase Correction Coating: On roof style binoculars, there is a phase shift of light going through the prisms. To help preserve the image, the BaK-4 prisms have a phase correction coating applied.


Dielectric Prism Coatings: Normally a coating only found on high-end binoculars. It’s applied on the prism and it can achieve light reflectance up to 99%. This means more light reaches your eye and better and brighter images.

4. Waterproof, fog proof and durable


Eagle Optics Ranger ED Binocular ReviewsIt is required that binoculars are sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather AND accidental abuse from you.


Let’s review what the Ranger ED is equipped with:




First, the binocular is Waterproof. To achieve, Eagle Optics seals the inside with O-rings. This prevents water, dirt and dust from getting inside and causing havoc on the internal lenses.


Fog proof: 


Second, nitrogen gas is injected into the barrels,  which prevents internal fogging.


Eagle Optics Ranger ED ReviewRubber armoring:


I love the feeling of security and that is exactly what the rubber armoring that covers most of the Ranger ED provides. It helps to give a slight tacky feel to the binoculars that helps to hold them steady and securely.


Having this rubber armoring also absorbs some of the impact of the inevitable drop on a rock or bang into the side of a tree.


But what happens if you accidentally break your binoculars?? Read below about the warranty – one of the BEST features of the Eagle Optics Ranger ED!


5. A Warranty That Puts All Other Warranties to Shame!


Eagle Optics Logo

Eagle Optics provides the BEST warranty among any binocular manufacturer around.


Even the most well-respected optic manufacturers in the business (e.g., Zeiss, Leica, Nikon) can’t compete.


The Eagle Optics Ranger ED comes with the Eagle Optics Platinum Protection Warranty.  Read Now


Put simply, here is what it covers:


Everything! (except theft or loss)


This warranty offers unlimited, unconditional, transferable protection of the Ranger ED. Most warranties only cover manufacturer defects and exclude accidental damage caused by the user. This is a very user-friendly policy.


Receipt not needed for warranty protection!


Also, I have never seen a warranty that still applies if you didn’t buy the product new. This is impressive. And great to know if you buy a used Eagle Optics binocular.


I was so impressed with this warranty; I contacted Eagle Optics to make sure I wasn’t missing something.


Here is the exact response I received:

“The warranty covers all accidental damage. You could accidentally run it over or your dog could chew it and as long as you send in all the pieces we will repair/replace the binocular at no cost to you, minus shipping to get it to us. You would not need to register your binocular as it’s a transferable warranty.”  – Mike from Eagle Optics


No registration or keeping receipts. No questions asked.


What a great benefit from Eagle Optics!


6. Eagle Optics – The Company


In this Eagle Optics Ranger review, I have spent a lot of time talking about the features and benefits of the binocular. But it’s worth mentioning the strength of Eagle Optics (the company) as a reason to buy.


Their dedication to customer service seems second to no one.

Eagle Optics

I have dealt with many of the big optics manufacturers while researching and testing many binoculars. Most of the time it takes at least a week to get a response after my email or call was passed around. There are a few questions I am STILL waiting on replies from.


Each time I have contacted Eagle Optics, I have always received a prompt and direct reply.


And on their website, they have a link to their staff biographies.


To me, this shows they have accountability for their products and stand behind their work. If you have a problem, you know exactly who to contact. Also, if you are a birder like me, then it’s nice to see the staff enjoys bird watching, hiking and the outdoors.


If you have a second, it’s worth reading a bit more about Eagle Optics, their philosophy, and mission. Read Now


From there fantastic warranty (see reason #5 above) to their generous return policy, Eagle Optics has set up a very customer focused company.

Eagle Optics Ranger Review – Conclusion


While shopping for binoculars, it’s always good to remember the old saying…


You get what you pay for!“.


The optics industry is VERY competitive. Each company is always trying to lower their prices while offering more features and benefits for their customers.


This is important to keep in mind while analyzing the Eagle Optics Ranger ED.


The price is very affordable at around $330. Luckily, it won’t cost the same as a mortgage payment like some of the higher price binoculars. It’s right in the middle; not too expensive or cheap!

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The Ranger ED is a great binocular for the casual birder.


Eagle Optics Ranger ED Review

If you can only go bird watching once or twice per month, is it worth spending $2,500 on a premium binocular like the Leica Noctivid?


I would argue the answer is “No.” A binocular like the Ranger ED would be a better fit and save a TON of money.


The Eagles Optics Ranger is made to be an affordable binocular that performs well in the field. It’s certainly not the best that money can buy nor is it considered a cheap, entry-level optic.


I’m convinced that it is a great value at its price and worth serious consideration.

Next Steps: Please do 1 of the following 2 things!


1. Buy the Eagle Optics Ranger ED from one of these places:


I have done a lot of research to find the best places to buy this binocular.



  • Visit the Eagle Optics showroom!Located in Middleton, Wisconsin.
    • Support a local business! I also recommend visiting your local optics dealer to see if they carry Eagle Optics products.


BONUS: Also included upon purchase – Tethered objective lens covers, neck strap, and case.


2. Keep Researching!


Not convinced the Eagle Optics Ranger ED is the best choice for you?


I completely understand. Buying binoculars is a big decision, and it’s best to take your time and do your research!


I recommend checking out one of the following resources:

  • The 8 Best Binoculars for Bird Watching

    • This should give some ideas of other binoculars that would be a great choice for bird watching. Includes optics across all different price ranges. (From $125 to $2,600)
      • Includes a helpful comparison chart of the top binoculars: View Chart

One Last Thing.


I have a serious question for you, and I want honest feedback.


How can I improve this Eagle Optics Ranger review?


Please tell the truth. What questions didn’t I answer? What are you still looking for as you search the Internet? I want this review to be as useful as possible.


If this was helpful, please subscribe via email at the top of the page to receive updates when new posts arrive!


Thanks again. Happy birding!




If you end up purchasing a binocular, please use one of the links provided on this page. At no cost to you, the providers may give a small part of the sale to me. I would really appreciate that as it helps keep this site running and lets me know that this content is valuable! 🙂

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