The 5 Best WINDOW Hummingbird Feeders (That Work!)

When it comes to feeding birds, buying a window hummingbird feeder is one of the BEST things you can do.

best hummingbird feeders on windows

I love being able to sit in my kitchen, enjoy my coffee, and watch the little hummers come up to the window. Unless I make a sudden movement, they have no idea that I’m just a few feet away watching them eating their nectar.

Even people I know that don’t typically enjoy feeding birds LOVE their window hummingbird feeder. 🙂

Today, I’m sharing a list of the 5 BEST window hummingbird feeders.

The following options are all affordable and proven to actually attract these winged beauties!

#1. Aspects Window Hummingbird Feeder


aspects window hummingbird feeder

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This 8 oz window hummingbird feeder is one of the best available.

It includes three feeding ports AND perches for the hummingbirds, so they can sit while they eat. Once the hummers found this feeder at my house (it took a few days), they visit it multiple times per day.

The nectar reservoir comes out easily since it is NOT ATTACHED to the suction cups, which is super convenient for cleaning and refilling.

Check out my video review of the Aspects Jewel Box BELOW!

YouTube video


And since the feeder has a simple dish design, the nectar can’t leak out and make your window sticky and gross. I also like that the flower feeding ports are raised, which helps divert rain and ensures the nectar doesn’t become diluted.

The two suction cups work great, and I’ve had no issues with the feeder sticking to my window. I think it helps a lot that the reservoir is small and only holds 8oz of nectar.

This Aspects Window Hummingbird Feeder even includes an ant moat! (This can be detached if ants are not a problem)

In addition, Aspects typically provides incredible customer service. I have accidentally broken one of their feeders before, and they replaced the part for free with no questions asked. Lastly, the Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder is manufactured in the USA!

#2. Juegoal Window Hummingbird Feeder


jue goal window feeder

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As you can see, the feeder attaches with two suction cups. There’s also a perch that allows hummingbirds to land while feeding at one of the three feeding ports.

Cleaning is super simple! Take a look at the picture above, and you can see that the nectar reservoir slides right out, leaving the suction cups attached to the window.

In all honesty, this window hummingbird feeder made by Juegoal is similar to the look and design of the Aspects feeder, featured as #1 above.

The main difference between the Juegoal and Aspects window hummingbird feeders is cost and overall quality.

The cost of the Juegoal is WAY less than Aspects. But the quality is a bit lower, and there isn’t any way to contact Juegoal (as far as I can tell) if something breaks on your feeder.

If you like this style of window hummingbird feeder, and the cost is not important to your decision, I recommend the Aspects. If you are on a budget and quality is not that important, I would go for the Juegoal.

#3. Perky-Pet Window Hummingbird Feeder

perkey pet window hummingbird feeder

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This window feeder is one of the best combinations of quality and price.

Perky-Pet is a well-known manufacturer of bird feeders, so the product comes from a reputable company.

Since there is only ONE suction cup to worry about, hanging this hummingbird feeder is incredibly easy. All you need to do is hang the plastic nectar reservoir over the suction cup, and this feeder is ready for birds!

I wish they would have chosen a different color for the three feeding ports, as bees are attracted the most to the color yellow. But, if you look closely, the ports have a long stem, which should prevent bees from actually getting any nectar. So hopefully, they will leave when they can’t get any food. (Hummingbirds have a long tongue that can easily fit down the stem to get to the sugar water. )

Lastly, if you choose this window hummingbird feeder, make sure to clean it thoroughly every time you refill it. Bottle-style feeders like this one can be harder to reach all the way up inside. I would buy a special brush to make the job easier.

#4. Nature Anywhere Window Hummingbird Feeder

nature anywhere hummingbird feeder for windows

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As far as appearance goes, this window hummingbird feeder is probably my favorite! I especially like the white flower feeding ports and how the bottle is skinnier at the bottom (even though this makes cleaning a bit more challenging).

Nature Anywhere includes THREE “industrial strength” suction cups, so you should have no problems with the feeder falling. I like how the suction cups are attached to a bracket that the nectar reservoir snaps into, making refilling and cleaning much simpler.

YouTube video


If you have an active backyard with lots of hummingbirds, then you will appreciate the larger size of this feeder, which holds up to 16 ounces of nectar! To refill, the bottom easily unscrews to provide access.

Lastly, Nature Anywhere provides a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If it leaks or breaks, they say to email them, and they will send a new one.

*The pictures and video above show RED nectar. Please DO NOT put red food coloring in your nectar, as it doesn’t help attract hummingbirds and may be harmful to them.*

 #5. Woodlink Window Feeder Hanger

woodlink window hanger for bird feeders

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First, before you even think it, I know that this is not an actual window hummingbird feeder!

But please hear me out because this hook may be the BEST window hummingbird feeder you buy.

The reason is that this hook allows many of your existing feeders (hummingbird or not) to hang from your window.

best window hummingbird feeders

I use this hook all the time on my kitchen windows. It allows me to rotate the feeders that I want to feature. For example, during the warm summer months, I typically have my First Nature hummingbird feeder out. When the hummingbirds migrate south (I live in Ohio), I put out a tube feeder filled with sunflower seeds, which attracts finches, chickadees, woodpeckers, etc.

Just be mindful of the weight of the feeder you will be hanging from this hook.  It’s advertised as being able to support 4 pounds (1.8 kg). You may need to experiment a little with how much weight it can hold from your specific window.

Do hummingbirds crash into windows?

If you’re concerned that putting up a window feeder will make hummingbirds start crashing into your windows, I want you to know that you shouldn’t worry. 🙂

I’ve had window hummingbird feeders up for years and never once had a window crash. Nor any other bird for that matter.

Here’s why:

Most bird and window collisions happen when birds get scared and suddenly take off and don’t have time to see where they are going. In fact, the worst place you can put a bird feeder is within 3 to 10 feet from a window. This distance is far enough away they can obtain quite a bit of speed when taking off, but not far enough away that they can recognize the window when frightened.

Putting a feeder directly on your window actually helps to keep birds safe since they are close enough to know the window is there and that they need to fly in the other direction if spooked.

Honestly, putting a hummingbird feeder on a window helps PREVENT collisions on that window. The feeder breaks up the space and light reflection, letting all birds know that the window can’t be flown through.

How do you make sure the suction cups stick to the window?

The main complaint that people have about window hummingbird feeders is their inability to stick to your window. All the options listed below have strong suction cups, but sometimes that’s not enough.

First, make sure you give the outside window a thorough cleaning (without soap!) and apply enough pressure to the suction cups to ensure a good hold.

If that still doesn’t work, then try this tip:

Put a small amount of oil on the suction cups. Amazingly, this helps provide an excellent suction and grip. You can use a bit of cooking oil, but the easiest thing to do is use the natural oil on your face. Just wipe the side of your nose, then rub your finger on the suction cups. That’s what I do, and my feeders never fall!

YouTube video

What is your favorite window hummingbird feeder?

Please comment below. 🙂

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  1. I have seen nothing about squirrels getting in the bird feeders. We have a real problem with them. I just came home today and the squirrels had shook the poll of the bird feeder and made the feeder fall down. We have the poll that prevents them from climbing up to the feeders. We have tried numerous window feeders and every time the squirrels knock them off. Any hints about how to deter squirrels. I even have a schnauzer puppy that tries like the devil to catch them!!

  2. Hi, I’m looking to buy a regular feeder that my House finches and Cardinal’s can feed from, but those big Grackle’s can’t fit. Would there be anything like that? Thank you for your help. I also think I may try a window Hummer feeder!

  3. Hey Scott,
    I just moved in to a new subdivision where there are no trees yet save for the new baby oaks in front of my new house… I was just wondering if a birdbath in the middle of my lawned back yard would attract nearby birds flying by? I am also trying a window feeder with no luck. I live in Florida so I would imagine that birds would enjoy a nice refreshing splash of clean fresh water to cool down. I love birds! Thanks for any information you can provide Scott.