The Best Birding Blogs of 2022

Did you know there are now over 1 billion different websites on the internet? Wow!


Best Bird Watching Blogs and Best Birding BlogsThis plethora of information has created a problem for me:


I find it extremely difficult to navigate the World Wide Web to find the best bird watching blogs!


It reminds me of trying to find a Common Nighthawk during the day, very challenging!


And let’s be honest, when is the last time you went to the second page of a Google search??? Probably not since Beanie Babies were still popular.


The list below is a compilation of the best birding blogs and nature blogs that I have found.


The sites below vary greatly in their content. They are all unique and have such different perspectives from all over the world. From very experienced birders to novices. There are artists, authors, photographers and then just people (like me!) who enjoy the act of being outside searching for birds.


The sites below went through an exhaustive vetting process. Mostly I asked myself, “Do I enjoy reading this blog?” If I answered “Yes!” then the site was added! 🙂


My #1 Tip for Organizing and Reading Blogs


Best Birding Blogs

Have you heard of Feedly?


If not, I recommend creating an account. It’s free! It’s the way that I organize my favorite websites, publications, and blogs.


Instead of trying to visit each site every day to see if there are new posts, I just have to log into Feedly. From there, I have added my favorite websites and blogs and put them into different categories. Each time a new post or article is published from any of these sites, I can see and read it right in the Feedly interface.


Seriously, it saves so much time and makes sure I don’t miss anything I want to read. It has changed my life, check it out! Feedly is pretty easy to use, especially once you play around with it a bit.


***I am always searching for great reading and want to keep adding to this list. I believe the best way to help birds is to connect passionate birders from all around the world. Please send me an email about your site or if you want to recommend another blog.***


To help you navigate, I have organized the blogs by country and then by state, province, etc.

*Click here to skip to the International section*



United States:



Bourbon, Bastards, and Birds

  • One thing missing in many birding blogs is something called humor. If this is something you enjoy along with birds, then you will enjoy Seagull Steve.




  • Nick does a great job of describing his adventures while exploring mostly the east coast. Like many of us, he tries to fit in as much birding as possible in between our busy work and personal lives.


District of Columbia:

A DC Birding Blog

  • A consistent, weekly post of essential birding, nature, and conservation news.



Words on Birds

  • I enjoy Jeff’s blog; his posts appear as monthly columns in a local Chicago newspaper. They are very well written, informative and entertaining.



Squirrels at the Feeder

  • An educational website about squirrels, woodpeckers, bats and backyard wildlife in general. Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.




  • This is one of my favorite blogs. Sharon’s goal for the past 20 years has to get paid to go birding. She is funny and plugged into current events and issues in the bird watching community. She also has a podcast that I listen too to her husband “Non-Birding” Bill.


Dan Tallman’s Bird Blog

  • A personal bird, nature and photography blog from a retired biology professor in Minnesota. You can count on several short posts every week about some of the native wildlife that Dan observes and photographs!


Laura’s Birding Blog

  • Laura is very involved in the birding community; from writing books and magazine articles to hosting radio programs to participating in the annual “Big Year” competition in North America. I enjoy her well-written blog posts.


New Hampshire:

Stokes Birding Blog

  • This is the personal birding blog of Don and Lillian Stokes, the authors of the Stokes Bird Guides. There is much information and experience between these two bird watching celebrities, and I highly recommend checking out their site!


New York:

10,000 Birds:

  • Arguably the most famous birding blog on the planet. New York probably isn’t very accurate since they have authors from all over the world contributing content every week.

The Zen Birdfeeder:

  • Nancy is the owner of a Wild Birds Unlimited in New York. Her site focuses on the birds and other nature we find in our yards and the zen principles of attention, acceptance, and responsibility.



Bill of the Birds

  • This is the personal blog of Bill Thompson III, the editor of the magazine Bird Watchers Digest. Bill is one of my secret man crushes, and I have a goal to have multiple beers with him someday. I listen to both of his podcasts, read his magazine and follow his blog. I even read his book Bird Watching for Dummies a few years ago. He just seems to be everywhere.


Ohio Birds and Biodiversity

  • Jim’s interest in wildlife started with birds and has grown into a fascination with all things in nature. He picks a topic and shares in detail the natural history and photographs from his chosen subject. Very informative!


Julie Zickefoose

  • This is the personal blog of author and artist Julie Zickefoose. She writes and paints from her 80 acre home in Ohio and takes us along through her stories on this site.



Nemesis Bird:

  • Founded in 2006 by Drew Weber. Their goal is to promote the fun and serious sides of birding, bird science and conservation from the viewpoint of people in the field.


Outside My Window:

  • Kate St. John writes about the local nature she observes from her window near her home in Pittsburgh. She is especially interested in the local Peregrine Falcons and hiking in western Pennsylvania and beyond.


South Dakota:

South Dakota Birds and Birding

  • Anything you could ever want about the birds of South Dakota. Identification tips, hot spots, photos and a well-written blog.





Planet Earth:

Focusing on Wildlife

  • Celebrates the biodiversity of Planet Earth with leading articles from their global team of wildlife authors and photographers.



Trevor’s Birding

  • A nice birding blog from down under! Trevor shares his photo’s and experiences of the birds near his home in Australia.


Costa Rica:

Costa Rica Living and Birding

  • This is a great blog to read to get information about birding in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, many times it just makes me jealous that I am not in warm and tropical Costa Rica ALL the time!


United Kingdom:


  • Talk about feeling old! At less than half my age, Mya-Rose is dedicated to nature, conversation and birds. She writes about a variety of issues but most impressive is her life list at over 4,000 birds by age 14!

Wanstead Birder

  • A fun blog to read mostly due to the wit and humor that Jonathan provides about his local birds and anything else.




I hope this provides some great new websites and blogs to check out. Let me know some of the best birding blogs and bird watching blogs that you follow!


Happy birding!




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  7. Sundarbans, the biggest mangrove forests in the world is a bird watchers paradise. a huge group of herons, kingfishers and migratory birds makes it a delight for all bird watchers.

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