The BEST Websites to Find Bird Pictures, Images and Photos of Birds.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of different websites where you can view bird pictures, photographs and images of birds.


Bird Photos and Bird Photographs

Here’s the problem:


The reasons that people search online for bird pictures and images vary greatly.


For example:


Are you looking for stock bird photos? Do you need FREE bird images? Are you trying to learn different species of birds for your next trip? Or are you just a bird lover that wants to look at interesting and beautiful pictures of birds?


As you can see, there are many variables when it comes to searching for bird photos.

To help guide you, this post is categorized into 3 sections, depending on why you are searching for bird images.  To get started, please answer the following question:


Which statement best describes you?

(Table of Contents)

Section #1: Best Sites for Lots of Amazing Bird Pictures (6 websites)


“I am bored at work. I just want to look at amazing, beautiful, funny or interesting pictures of birds to pass the time.”


View 6 Sites!

Section #2: Bird Photographs to Help Learn New Species and Identification (2 websites)


“I am an avid or beginning birder. I am trying to learn how to identify new species and need detailed, accurate and preferably close photographs of birds.”


View 2 Sites!

Section #3: Stock Images of Birds for Commercial Use (5 websites)


“I need stock images and photos of birds. They will be used commercially, such as on a blog, website, brochure, etc. The pictures need to have no restrictions, such as a Creative Commons License.” 

View PAID Stock Sites


View FREE Stock Sites


No matter what you seek, the following guide to bird photos and images online should point you in the right direction.


Best Websites to See Amazing Bird Photo’s


I have two questions to ask:


  1. Do you love birds and nature?

  2. Are you bored at work or trying to kill some time?


If you said yes to both of these questions, I think you are going to enjoy this list of websites below.


I have scoured the Internet to find the best places to view images of birds. These are perfect if you just want to sit back, relax and see amazing bird picture after amazing bird picture.



In case you have been living under a rock, Flickr is social media for photography and online photo management. Photographers from all around the world upload their albums and images and share them.


There are literally millions of bird pictures and photos taken by some very talented people.


Bonus: Some photos on Flickr are made available for commercial use – Read more here. 

Google Images


This resource basically has every photo and image of bird that is available online. Pretty impressive.


If you are looking for photographs that YOU can use, do an advanced Google Image search.


Then scroll to the bottom and look for “Usage Rights” and filter by the license you need.


Bird Photographs Search

Reddit – “Bird Pics”


The link above takes you to the subreddit called “Birdpics”.


If you are looking for funny and entertaining pictures of birds, this may be the best place to go.


The best bird pictures are up-voted every single day, so the content is always getting replaced with the Internets most popular bird images. Trust me, there’s a little bit of everything on Reddit.


If you are new to Reddit, it takes a little bit of getting used too. My recommendation is to watch this video:



National Geographic – Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week


Every week, Steve Boyes from National Geographic posts his top 25 bird photo’s from the week. These are not his photos, but are submitted by people from all over the world.


This is always a fun collection of pictures to view and is quite the mash-up of birds every week from all over Planet Earth.

Audubon Photography Winners


Every year, the National Audubon Society hosts a bird photography contest.


And every year, I eagerly anticipate looking at the results and all the wonderful photos of birds!


Seriously, these 100 photos should be looked through slowly. Take your time and really appreciate what each photographer did to secure each picture.



Do you love looking at different species and beautiful pictures of birds?


I hope you have hours to kill.


Pinterest has an almost unlimited supply of bird images and bird photographs.


My recommendation is to filter by your favorite species and create your own Board.


For example, here is my Penguin board: Lots of pictures but also facts, books, shirts, etc.


Bird Photo’s to Prepare For Your Next Birding Trip


Bird Images of Birds

Are you looking to find a great photograph of a Yellow-rumped Warbler to prepare for spring migration? Or how about a picture of a Bee Hummingbird for your first trip to Cuba?


This list of websites and resources is perfect for you.


You should easily be able to find lots of high quality bird photographs to help learn individual species and improve your identification skills.

Macaulay Library – The Cornell Lab of Ornithology


This is an incredible resource for bird photos and shows Citizen Science at it’s best!


The Macaulay Library is a natural history archive of millions of bird photographs! (And audio/video recordings) Each photo was contributed by birders from around the world using eBird.


Just type in the bird you are interested in and check out the collection. Warning: I tend to waste lots of time on this site getting lost in all the different photos of birds.

Audubon: Guide to North American Birds


Pictures and drawings of all the birds found in North America. This is not only a great resource for seeing bird images, but includes lots of natural history information about each species.


Stock Images of Birds:


Bird Pictures of BirdsFirst, what is a stock image?


Stock images are professional photos that are provided royalty free and can be used for any commercial purpose.


Stock photos of birds are perfect if you need a picture of a soaring eagle for your website or a swimming penguin for a photograph in your blog post.

Once you obtain the stock bird image, you can basically use it for whatever you want. (As long as you have the correct license.)


There are many websites available that provide stock bird images.


Some you must pay for. Some are FREE. There are advantages to both.

Paid Stock Photographs of Birds:


The advantage of paying for stock photos is quality and overall availability.


Most photographers don’t want to give away their best photos, so they charge a fee to use them.


Check out these 2 websites that all provide quality stock images of birds. Each has different pricing points, depending on what you need.

Deposit Photos

There flexibility when it comes to pricing plans is phenomenal. You can choose what works best depending on how many photos you need.


Thousands upon thousands of bird images to choose from!

iStock Photo


This is one of the oldest and most well known stock photo agencies around.


You buy credits and then use those credits to find the bird photos you need. It tends to be more expensive than other sites, but the quality and quantity of bird photographs is hard to beat!

FREE Stock Photos of Birds:


I use stock photos of birds quite a bit on Bird Watching HQ. To be honest, most of the bird images on this site are not mine and are from a stock photo website.


This falcon below is a great example of a gorgeous stock photograph.


Bird Images, Bird Photographs, Bird PicturesAlso, almost all the stock photographs of birds on this site have one amazing thing in common.


They were FREE.


Yes, there are many stock photo agencies that provide their pictures of birds for absolutely no charge AND provide a license to do just about anything you want with them. There are some absolutely beautiful and awesome pictures of birds available.


Sounds great! But what are the negatives of using these FREE bird images from stock photo sites?


The biggest drawback is the number of available photos. It can be hard to find the exact bird photograph that I need.


I am at the mercy of what is provided. Normally, I have to spend quite a bit of time digging through lots of bird photos to find something that fits the article that I am writing.


But at the end of the day, it’s hard to beat FREE!


3 Websites to find FREE Stock Photos of Birds:


Hi-res bird images and pictures. It’s my “go to” website to find photographs of birds for Bird Watching HQ.


They have hundreds of beautiful bird images that can be used commercially for any purpose.


Lots of bird photos that are safe to use without giving permission or credit.


Disclaimer: As you can imagine, things can change quickly online. Websites are sold and policies are updated.  Before using any bird images for a commercial purpose, please check to make sure it has the appropriate license so you won’t get in trouble for using!


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Did you find what you are looking for?


Photos of Birds, Photographs of BirdsI sure hope so.


I literally just gave you MILLIONS of bird pictures and images to sort through.


If this guide wasn’t helpful, I want to know about it!


Where are you finding or looking at pictures of birds online?


Thanks for visiting!




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