The ONLY Type of FROG Found in Ireland! (w/Pics)

Here are the ONLY types of frog that lives in Ireland:


Types of frogs in Ireland

#1. Common Frog

  • Rana temporaria

Common Ireland frogs

Identifying Characteristics:

  • Adults grow up to 11 cm long.
  • They have a short, blunt snout and partially webbed feet.
  • Their coloring varies, from nearly black to pale brown, sometimes red or yellowish. The most typical markings are a white upper lip and a dark patch behind the eye.


The Common Frog is the most widespread frog in Ireland.


It lives in nearly every habitat with stagnant water, including ponds, ditches, flooded meadows, and swamps. So if you have a pond in your garden, this species is most likely using it.

Common Frogs breed explosively, meaning that hundreds of these frogs gather together and breed simultaneously. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see the bottom of entire ponds covered in frog eggs during the breeding season.


Their unusual breeding strategy means young frogs emerge in unbelievable numbers during late summer. However, some late-hatching tadpoles hibernate over winter and emerge the following spring instead.


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