Gray Tree Frog Calls and Sounds (w/ audio examples)

Gray Tree Frogs are found across eastern North America. You’ll spot them in a wide variety of wooded habitats, from backyards to forests to swamps.

gray tree frog calls and sounds

But the BEST way to locate a Gray Tree Frog is to listen for its mating calls! Once you know what to listen for, they are easy to identify by sound.


Gray Tree Frog Calls:

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YouTube video


The main call you will hear a Gray Tree Frog make are their mating calls, which sound like a loud, musical, bird-like trill. Males make these sounds to both attract mates and warn rival males of their presence. Calls typically last about half a second and are repeated every few seconds.


Males sing for up to FOUR hours straight when trying to find a mate! The BEST time to hear a male Gray Tree Frog calling is at night, but they can be heard randomly at any time of day. Calls are heard during spring and summer when males are trying to find a mate and establish a territory.


You will typically hear Gray Tree Frogs (Hyla versicolor) around wooded habitats near water suitable for breeding, from backyards to forests to swamps. We have even found them on the outside of our windows at night!


Similar Sounds:

The call of an American Toad sounds slightly similar, but a Gray Tree Frog’s sound is much shorter. Also, Wood Frogs are sometimes mistaken, except they don’t have as much trill as a Gray Tree Frog.

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