Bird, Animal, & Plant ID Guides

Over the past few years, I have been slowly working on animal ID Guides for almost every state in the USA and province in Canada.Β My goal was to create articles that listed the different varieties of birds, reptiles, mammals, plants, etc, that live near YOU.Β Included in each post are photographs, interesting facts, and range maps (when available).

Also, if you decide to explore a few of the ID Guides, I’d love your help! As you can imagine, when creating over 4,000 posts, mistakes are going to be made. πŸ™‚Β β€‹If you find errors in any of the guides below, please leave a comment at the bottom of that specific page or send me a messageΒ HERE. Thanks!

Ok, I hope you find these guides and lists helpful and that you learn something new!Β Remember, just click on a state/province below to see links to the lists of species for that location.







​British Columbia​


























​New Hampshire​

​New Jersey​

​New Mexico​

​New York​

​North Carolina​

​North Dakota​







​Rhode Island​

​South Carolina​

​South Dakota​






Washington (state)​

​West Virginia​



​The United States

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  1. I have been observing a loggerhead shrike and a fox squirrel in Northern Minnesota. Specifically in Salol Minnesota for the last 2 months. I have tried to report it to other sites but haven’t had any luck.

  2. There would be little point in my following you as I live in Dublin Ireland and the birds we have here are very different. I was appalled to correctly identify only 2/10 birds in the quiz I took. Now I know why!
    Best wishes to you and all your followers,
    Lesley (Dublin)

  3. Hi Scott. I just moved to NW Reno, Nevada. There are lots of Quail where I live. They are so cute when they run across the yard or the road. They are very shy and the slightest movement scares them. They like to eat seed on the ground. I hope you will add them to the list for Nevada.

  4. Unfortunately I don’t think we have the variety of birds here in North Rhine Westfalen in Germany, maybe I am wrong ( I hope ) but I am new to bird watching and have just started by hanging a few feeders for birds ( Oh! Oh! – including squirrels- but I like squirrels too ). I found your on line book by chance and have down loaded it, I found it to be extremely interesting, thank you for that. I agree with you that it can be quite an expensive hobby but worth every penny. If you know about birds in our country ( which I expect you might do ) I would appreciate your input.
    Carry on the excellent work and have fun, I am and have only just started. All the best, Roger.