4 Quacks and Calls that Mallards Make! (2024)

If you have ever been birding at a body of water in North America, chances are you have seen the Mallard duck.

Mallards are so prevalent in the Northern Hemisphere that many birders have forgotten how gorgeous a male’s coloring really is.

Learning the Mallards calls below will help you learn many other duck calls in the future.

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Learn the Mallards CALLS:

  • Make sure to press PLAY on the audio files below. 🙂

Sound #1: Female Mallard Call

To many birders, surprise only the female Mallard quacks! Once again, this is the sound everyone thinks of when you talk about ducks quacking, but listening closely, you will hear that the female Mallard gives a series of 2-10 quacks at a time that can begin loudly and become quieter.

Sound #2: Female and Male Wingbeats

Listening above, you will hear the female quacking as she flies by.  Listening closely, you will also hear in between her quacks her wing beats.

Sound #3: Male Mallard Call

You can hear how the male Mallard sounds different from the female. The male does not give multiple quacks like the female but instead gives one simple call. It also almost sounds like he has a cold.

Sound #4: Multiple Mallards

In this recording, you can hear the multitude of different calls from this group of Mallards as they have a dispute over something. At this point, you may be feeling overwhelmed because all these videos sound like quacks, and that is okay.

Remember, Mallards are so common that chances are, if you think it’s a Mallard, it is. 🙂

Lastly, males will rub their bill along their flight feathers to create a rattling sound. This sound will help maintain the bond between a male and female.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a Mallard before?

If so, please let us know below!

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