Northern Mockingbird Calls (Learn 3 Common Sounds)

The Northern Mockingbird is a fascinating bird to observe. As its name says, a Northern Mockingbird mimics sounds within its environment. Anything from birds and frogs to human sounds like alarm clocks, the Northern Mockingbird will use it all to create a fascinating call.

Northern Mockingbird Songs and CALLS:

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Sound #1: Male Singing

Identifying the Northern Mockingbird doesn’t have to be hard. If you hear a string of bird calls together (that aren’t overlapping), there is a very good chance you are listening to a Northern Mockingbird. Most times, a mockingbird is sitting up high, like on a lamppost or the tops of trees.

Sound #2: Mimicking Song

Northern Mockingbirds can remember up to 200 different phrases to add to their songs. While they sing, each phrase is repeated 2-6 times. The majority of the time, it is the male that is singing. Unmated males will sing for most of the day and have been known to sing into the night, especially during full moon times.

Sound #3: Harsh “Chaw”

Northern Mockingbird calls are typically a harsh “chaw” sound. When given loudly, it can be for scolding or threatening predators near their nest. When given softly, it can be for mates communicating with each other.

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