Northern Pygmy-Owl Calls (Learn 2 common sounds)

Northern Pygmy-Owls are not much bigger than a House Sparrow, but these tiny owls are fierce. They hunt during the day and will stash extra food in trees or hang the prey on thorns.

Northern Pygmy-OWL Calls:

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Sound #1: The Toots

A Northern Pygmy-Owl’s song is known as hollow toots. The toots are high-pitched and 1-2 seconds apart. This song can be heard from both males and females, sometimes even heard as a duet.

Because Northern Pygmy-Owls hunt in the forest during the day, you are more likely to hear them then instead of at night.

Sound #2: The Trill

The second sound that Northern Pygmy-Owls make is a rapid and high-pitched trill. This short trill often precedes their songs. Juveniles are also known for making this trilling noise.

Have you ever heard the calls and sounds of an Northern Pygmy-Owl before?

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