Answers to 10 question common feeder birds quiz!

Here are the answers to the quiz you just took:

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Question #1: Northern Cardinal (male)

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Question #2: Blue Jay

Question #3: Black-capped Chickadee

Question #4: Tufted Titmouse

Question #5: Common Grackle

Question #6: House Sparrow (female)

Question #7: European Starling

Question #8: Downy Woodpecker

Question #9: Red-bellied Woodpecker

Question #10: American Goldfinch


  1. Can I get my answers. Cause I’d swear I had 8 correct. I’m pretty good with my ids. I know I got the starling wrong. Probably had the wrong “name” for one of the woodpeckers. But I definitely know they are woodpeckers. Chickadees probably didn’t get the species name correct but again I know it’s a Chickadee….probably sounds like whining but I’m having some issues with a new piece of tech and I’m trying to find out what is not working correctly. Thanks Kim

  2. Hi Gayle, I have spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out what bird that you saw. I am not going to take a shot in the dark at what it is rather I am going to recommend a website called They will have the bird I am sure or at least give you an idea of where to start. If not maybe try Sibleys Feild Guide to Birds. I think they have a website but I prefer the book. (I’m oldschool even though I’m 33) Audubon’s is great to. I hope this information to reference works out. Well good luck and keep your eye to the sky, and trees, and ground… just watch for birds and such.
    Sincerely Darrel J. Graver

  3. 8/10 I called the Sparrow a Finch and always go with your first instinct I knew it was a Red Bellied but I second guessed myself. I do feel better that many people got this wrong but I still feel like a Failure. Just kidding.. I saw a Beautiful female Red Tail the other day. Well keep it up everybody, and to think I was just looking up tree frogs! 🐸

    1. Got the same thing wrong I’m sure. But I do know they are woodpeckers. I know what chickadees look like my last name means titmouse. Come on !🤣

  4. Me too. #9 Red belly? Looks yellow to me. Must be colorblind? I’m much better when it comes to stop lights though :D.

  5. have a question, this is definitely a dove, very dark gray, small about 8 inches, lots of black spots and stipes on wings, small white or yellow strip under really dark eye. its not big enough for a mourning dove, a pair came this morning to feed.

  6. Now if they’d shown a kookaburra you’d have been fine with that! Except the first one I saw was on a power line not an “old gum tree”.

  7. 9-10. Not surprise which one I got wrong. I always struggle identifying house finches from purple finches and house sparrows, especially females.

  8. Couldn’t tell on the Downy vs Hairy Woodpeckers because you didnt show their outer tail feathers that show black spots on the Downy, which the Hairy doesnt have.

  9. Haha! I can not tell if you are serious or not! I need the beak and belly since males of both Hairy and Downy have red heads!

  10. Under the ones I had wrong they put RELATED: followed by a link in blue to an ID Guide for that bird.

  11. N.Hyde, nice job! I’m with you, I got 9/10 and also clicked ‘yellow-bellied woodpecker’. Long live the birds! 🙂

  12. The really large woodpecker is called the Pilated Woodpecker. They sound loud and crazy when they call out like the ‘Joker’ of all birds.

  13. I have seen the really big woodpecker and another woodpecker was average. I have no idea what kind they were

  14. Considering that I have never been to strange and exotic America and I probably never will, (I am Australian), and I spent less than a second on each one, I performed pretty well.

  15. Me too! 😃 I picked Hairy Woodpecker instead of Downy Woodpecker. I can only tell them apart by the backs of their heads. D’oh!

  16. Peterson Field Guides to n American birds or Eastern birds is a great book It has so much info at your finger tips. It is great for beginners and moving forward.

  17. The way to tell the red belly is his head He looks as if he has a Roman helmet on . The red head has a complete red head

  18. I’m still chuckling😄 think I got 4 or 5 right. I like to learn. We have alot of blue birds including stellar,here in columbia river,basin.

  19. I’ve seen a lot of these birds around my house. On the feeders, in the trees, and on the ground. But they are here, right now.

  20. The picture doesn’t show the red spot on its belly. You won’t mistake the redheaded woodpecker!!! It is all intense red.

  21. And a yellow(ish) belly, haha! I totally got that one wrong, but got the rest. We’ve got most of the rest, except the cardinals, here in southern Alberta.

  22. I knew it looked like a red-bellied woodpecker but that pic looks like a much smaller bird than the one that visits our feeder often. It’s huge. Why do they call it red-bellied???

    1. If you redo it, and go back in, you can go through and it’ll tell you what the correct answers are, you just need to remember your answers…

  23. I think I may have miss Identified the Grackle.
    As I’m Irish & do not live in North America I think I did quite well.
    Susan F. Tollemache

  24. I like the quiz. I want to tell you I hear the red-tailed hawks everyday here in Peoria Arizona. I live in a neighborhood but they are our fields scattered around still. The city is growing enormously

  25. 9/10! I get all 10 species on my backyard feeders, as well as well as blue birds, Wrens, and Ruby Throated Hummingbirds.

  26. Got all 10 right, just from watching the birds in my yard or on hikes and then looking them up in my field guide. Turns out I learned a lot that way!

  27. I got 4 out of 10 correct and two of those were guesses. The cardinal and blue jay are birds we have around here. Ive never seen any of the other birds. Was wondering where this person calls home. I’m in Central Texas and I think we have different kinds of birds here.

  28. It’s correct in Indiana and Illinois, I’m not sure about other states but I had found 3 dead in my yard within a month and a half which is when my neighbor told me they were recommending to take the feeders down. We are having a west Nile flare up so I decided there is still a natural source for food & decided to shut down until the weather cools down and hope I can feed those who remained in the winter.

  29. Good for you. I got 4. I had to get rid of my bird feeder today, because rats were visiting. So my great-granddaughter sent me this site.

  30. O, snap. Missed the red-bellied woodpecker. That belly looks yellow to me. But, I will take 9 out of 10. Watching the birds is a joy to me 🙂

  31. Well, Anne, I only got 7 correct and I am 66. Congratulations! Do you like birds or taking quizzes? I like both. Keep watching the birds, it’s a quick and easy way to see changes in your local environment. If you haven’t started a Bird List, this could be an important time to have someone starting to notice and keeping notes on changes in the populations of plants and critters in their local area environments. Again, good going and keep watching. Robin Schaeffer

  32. I haven’t seen the red cardinal the boy, and a few other song birds//I hear there is a bird virus going on, and I was told to take down the bird feeders because the birds can contact the virus from the other birds that may be sick/ Is this correct or not???

  33. I am pressed myself by getting them all right. I’ve been setting up my bird sanctuary over the past three years, and get many of the same birds in my feeders. I also get Junko‘s, especially in the winter time and that has been especially enjoyable and those cold cold days. I am having some discouragement because my oriole stopped showing up

  34. 8/10, I’m a Wise Owl! I missed the Red-bellied Woodpecker and Downy Woodpecker, clearly I need to learn more about woodpeckers!

  35. Boy, I only got
    six correct. I need to get our bird book out, and start watching birds here in north part of Texas.

  36. Don’t feel bad I got the same many right and I love watching them too. I’ve got a 50+ ft evergreen tree with all kinds of birds in it this year. I think it’s like 4-6 different kinds this year I’ve always only had my little finches and sparrows in it.

  37. Looks as if I missed one. Got into birdwatching when my oldest was maybe 2. Cold winter day’s we needed some outside entertainment even if we couldn’t be there. I filled a feeder and we spent many hours looking at feathered friends and finding out names. It was totally amazing to a toddler;

  38. Blessed are those who feel the essence of the bird and can guess their identity; my wife has become quite the birdwatcher, so I guess that makes me a bird watcher too? I love it, awkward birdies! I was 4/10 🙂 I guess I will learn to be The Birdman!

  39. You’re site is such an awesome site thank you I am getting both of my knees totally reconstructed bird watching is my pastime thank you

  40. I got the titmouse and the red belly wrong, and I thought I was a pro lol JK great quiz I thought great variety of different birds I was impressed!!

  41. I used a guide I carry with me. I knew some of them right away especially the ones that I see at my bird feeder everyday.

  42. My cup is empty & always open to put things in it! In other words, I am NEVER too old to learn! Thank You!

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