The BEST Squirrel Baffles For ANY Situation (11 Ideas!)

Preventing squirrels from climbing onto your bird feeders is the BIGGEST problem that most bird feeding hobbyists encounter in their backyard!

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And while many strategies can help, one of the best ways to stop these acrobatic and persistent rodents is to use a squirrel baffle to make sure they can’t climb up your bird feeder pole (or jump down from above!).

Installing a quality squirrel baffle will (help) STOP squirrels from getting to your bird feeders!

But the problem with shopping for an effective squirrel baffle is that there are SO MANY options. It’s easy to purchase one that doesn’t work or fit your bird feeder pole correctly.

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The internet is also littered with homemade squirrel baffle plans. While there are some great DIY options available, there are many that will make the squirrels laugh at you and are a waste of time and resources.

squirrels can't get past baffles

In today’s post, I have created a squirrel baffle guide that will provide you with some great options and ideas, no matter what type of bird feeder pole or set up you have in your backyard. (And if you can’t find anything that fits your situation, leave a comment at the bottom, and I will get something added!)

In case you are a complete bird feeder beginner, let’s define one question:

What is a squirrel baffle?

A squirrel baffle is a contraption or device that is used to stop squirrels from climbing UP a bird feeder pole or jumping DOWN directly onto a feeder from above.

In general, there are two different types of baffles.

The first type of squirrel baffle wraparounds your bird feeder pole and is placed underneath the feeders. They are usually made out of metal or plastic and typically have one of two shapes.

A wraparound squirrel baffle may look like a cone (Picture A below), which I think resembles those plastic cones that dogs wear after surgery! The other style looks like a long cylinder tube (Picture B below) that fits around your bird feeder pole and makes it impossible for squirrels to get a grip and climb.

metal cone baffloes on pole

The second type of squirrel baffle looks like an inverted bowl and hangs ABOVE your bird feeders. The hope is that as squirrels launch an aerial attack, they will hit the hanging baffle and fall harmlessly to the ground. As a bonus, watching squirrels jump and try to hang on to one of these baffles provides lots of entertainment!

weather domes for bird feeders

You will need to make the choice which type is the best squirrel baffle for your backyard. Are your squirrels climbing up the pole from the bottom or jumping down from above? Or like many backyard birders, it’s probably both!

Before we begin, I wanted to mention that preventing or slowing down squirrels in your backyard normally takes different strategies. These acrobatic animals are persistent and will do anything to reach the tasty treats in your feeders.

Best Squirrel Baffles for a 4×4 Post:

I use a 4×4 timber (4 inches x 4 inches) for my bird feeding pole. Luckily, there are many different squirrel baffles available for those of us with 4×4 posts. Here are two options that I have personally used and recommend.

1. Woodlink Post Mount Squirrel Baffle

woodlink wrap around squirrel baffles

View Cost - Amazon

This steel squirrel baffle easily wraps around your 4×4 post, snaps together, and is secured with the included screws into the side of your pole.

Seriously, it takes under 5 minutes to open the package, install, and start keeping squirrels on the ground!

In addition to fitting 4×4 timbers, this baffle can also fit around circular wooden fence posts! This feature is essential to me because the cameras I use for streaming my feeding station are mounted on a circular fence post. My squirrels quickly figured out they could jump from the camera pole directly to my feeders, so this baffle fixed this problem immediately!

2. Achla Designs Squirrel Deflector 

best ways to prevent squirrels from climb pole

View Cost - Amazon  

As you can see above, I use this squirrel baffle on my 4×4 bird feeder pole in my backyard! Sorry for the “waste” all over the baffle, I have politely asked the birds to stop pooping on it, but they are not listening. 🙂

Do you want to see this baffle in action?

Well, you’re in luck because here is a LIVE stream of my bird feeding station. (I’m sorry if the baffle is not visible. Sometimes it’s cut out of the video, but I promise it’s directly below the tray feeder!).

Watch all my LIVE cameras HERE:

This baffle was incredibly easy to install out of the package. It is specially made for 4×4 posts and snaps into place as you wrap it around the pole.

It’s 18-inch diameter, and solid metal construction makes sure that squirrels are not able to get around. Since installing this baffle, I have NEVER had any squirrels access my bird feeders from the ground.

Lastly, it includes an adjustable clamp to attach around posts. Please note this baffle ONLY fits 4×4’s.

Baffles For Poles And Shepherds Hooks:

If you use a bird feeder pole that has a diameter of fewer than 1-3/8 inches, then this section provides two baffle recommendations that should fit perfectly!

3. Woodlink Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle 

This baffle is similar to the other options we have seen so far (#1 & #2) in that it wraps around your bird feeder pole and looks like a cone.

woodlink wrap around squirrel baffle

View Cost - Amazon  

I like that it’s adjustable and fits a wide range of pole diameters, from as small as 1/2 inches to as large as 1-3/8 inches! The black coupler (seen below) is what you use to make adjustments to fit your specific size pole.

best wrap around squirrel baffle

4. Audubon Torpedo Steel Squirrel Baffle 

This squirrel baffle has a completely different shape than any of the options we have seen so far. Instead of a cone appearance, this baffle is a long, smooth cylinder that fits on the outside of your pole.

cylinder baffles for bird feeder poles

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To install this baffle, it needs to slide over your feeder pole! It is mandatory that either the bottom or top of your post is straight. This baffle is not an option for a shepherds hook or any other pole that has hooks or arms already sticking out that can’t be removed.

The baffle is 6 inches in diameter and includes a coupler that can be adjusted to fit any pole that has a diameter between 1/2 inch and 1-3/8 inches.

What if my pole is larger than 1-3/8 inches in diameter?

So if you have a pole that is more than 1-3/8 inches in diameter and is not a 4×4 post, I found it can be challenging to find a squirrel baffle to buy!

I ran into this problem in my backyard. As mentioned earlier, I have cameras that stream my bird feeding station live to YouTube 24/7. When I installed this setup, I used a cylinder fence post that has a diameter of around 4 inches, which is too large for any of the baffles that I just recommended above (#3 & #4).

baffle option for larger cylinder poles

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The baffle that I found that worked was the Woodlink Post Mount Squirrel Baffle (#1), mostly because it screws securely into the post. There is a small gap between the baffle and the pole, but it’s too narrow for squirrels to fit through!

If you have another unique situation and can’t find a pre-made squirrel baffle to fit your pole, then you may need to make a homemade option! See the section below for some recommendations.

5. Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set

If you don’t have a bird feeder pole yet or are open to making a change, purchasing the proven Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set is a convenient option for your backyard.

Think of the Squirrel Stopper as your all-in-one option. First, it comes with a sturdy metal pole that augers into the ground, which is perfect for hanging all of your bird feeders.

Compare Prices of the Squirrel Stopper Pole!

But the best part is that the pole set includes a spring-loaded squirrel baffle that is permanently attached around the pole (See how it works in the video below). There is absolutely NO WAY a squirrel can make it past the baffle.

I used the Squirrel Stopper for many years until recently when I installed a new DIY pole. The only reason I switched was that I have many heavy feeders and the Squirrel Stopper couldn’t quite handle the extreme weight.

Hanging Squirrel Baffles:

Instead of attaching to a pole below the feeders, hanging squirrel baffles are placed ABOVE bird feeders.

hanging weather dome for bird feeding station

This style of squirrel baffle works by deflecting squirrels as they try to leap to your feeding station or climb down. The hope is that when they hit the baffle, the squirrels won’t be able to hang on as the baffle pivots downwards and the rodents will fall to the ground.

I have varying levels of success with hanging baffles stopping squirrels from reaching my feeders. The best squirrel baffles, in my opinion, are the ones that attach permanently to a bird feeder pole.

But hanging squirrel baffles also work great as a weather dome for your bird feeders, which means they help keep your birdseed dry from rain, snow, and other sorts of gross weather.

6. Audubon Clear Squirrel Baffle

weather dome for bird feeders

View Price - Amazon

This clear, plastic baffle is 16 inches in diameter and pivots easily in all directions when it’s hanging, so squirrels will have an incredibly tough time getting a grip before falling!

I bought this specific baffle last year to place above my hanging tray feeder. While it helps stops squirrels, the main reason that I purchased it was to serve as a weather dome to help keep the snow from accumulating on the tray!

And this product can also be attached directly to your feeder pole, as long as the diameter of the pole is between 1 inch to 1-3/8 inches.

baffle instructions

7. North States 2-Way Squirrel Baffle

This baffle, which looks like a large inverted bowl, is 15.75 inches in diameter and made from durable plastic. It easily hangs above your bird feeders with the included hooks.

best hanging squirrel baffles

View Price - Amazon

I like that this baffle can also attach to a pole!

Yes, that’s right, it comes complete with a pole mount flange and screws and fits poles with diameters between 1/2 inch to 1-1/4 inches.

Homemade Squirrel Baffles & Deflectors:

The internet has countless plans and ideas to make homemade squirrel baffles.

Some are great! A few are a bit suspect. 🙂

But if a DIY project is what you seek, then I have tried to put together a few of the BEST squirrel baffles that you can make at home! All you will need are some inexpensive supplies from a local home improvement store.

8. Aluminum Duct

As mentioned earlier, I use a 4×4 post for my homemade bird feeder pole, and I have the Achla Designs Squirrel Deflector mounted just underneath my feeders.

For even more squirrel protection, while installing my post, I wrapped it with an aluminum duct purchased for under $10. To fit around a 4×4, I had to buy a 6 inch (diameter) duct.

Here is a clip of my dad and me as we slid on the duct as we installed my bird feeder pole.

I painted the duct black to help it look more natural. You can see it HERE on my LIVE animal cam!

I have never even seen a squirrel ATTEMPT to climb up the duct!

9. Stove Pipe DIY Squirrel Baffle

diy and homemade squirrel baffle

If you head over to, they have a helpful article that shows how to construct a cylinder squirrel baffle using a 24-inch long stove pipe and end-cap! You should be able to adjust this homemade baffle for just about any size pole diameter!

If you like this idea, here is a video on YouTube that whos step by step instructions.

10. Hanging Squirrel Baffle Using A Plastic Bowl

Here is an easy weather dome/squirrel baffle that you can make for your feeders. The only materials needed are an inexpensive plastic bowl and twine.


Basically, you drill a hole into the bottom of a bowl, invert, and hang directly over your feeders. If it doesn’t work out, then you are only out a few bucks!

Another favorite item is to use a stainless steel mixing bowl as your squirrel baffle. And instead of hanging the bowl above your feeders, you could also attach it to your pole using L brackets.

11. Explore on Pinterest!

The best resource to find DIY ideas is Pinterest.

Check this link HERE to view a pre-made search for “Homemade Squirrel Baffles.” Hopefully, you can see the latest and greatest this platform has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions – Squirrel Baffles

1. How high should I place my squirrel baffle?

Squirrels can jump much higher than you think!

The type of squirrel that is native to your area will determine how high they can jump, but a good rule of thumb is that you need to place your baffles at least FOUR feet tall on your bird feeder pole.

Also, squirrels can leap around 10 feet horizontally from a tree or other launching pad. Please keep this in mind as you install a bird feeder pole.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video below? It’s incredible!

2. What other strategies can I use to stop squirrels!?

Young Fox Squirrel on bird feeder

Stopping squirrels from getting on to your bird feeders and eating all of your food is the most common problem that backyard birders face!

There have even been entire books written about the topic.

But a great start would be reading a post that I wrote that details 7 different strategies to prevent squirrels. See link below!

3. Can I put grease or glue on my pole to stop squirrels?

Are you that lazy? Or are you just that mean?

Seriously. Don’t put anything on the pole.

If squirrels get glue or grease all over their fur, there is a good chance they will die. And squirrels live in the moment, so they probably won’t remember there is a sticky substance on the pole and will just jump back on the greasy pole tomorrow.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Red squirrel near the small shopping cart with nuts

Trust me; I know how frustrating squirrels can be!

As soon as I let my guard down, it seems the squirrels take advantage immediately and start climbing all over my bird feeders. They are the perfect example of “You give an inch, and they take a mile!“.

But buying a proven squirrel baffle, or making a homemade one might be the thing that brings sanity and peace back to your bird feeding station!

Before we end today, can I give one last recommendation?

Try to learn to enjoy squirrels and their crazy antics! If you properly squirrel-proof your bird feeding station, then they are some of the most entertaining creatures you will see in your backyard!

You may find that you even want to give squirrels their own feeder!

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  1. How to avoid rats from seed rubble under the feeders?
    I put a big tray, floor of dog crate and cleaned off every evening and still saw rodents.

  2. It’s illegal to put up something that will hurt birds or anything – contact the local animal protect group, Audubon Society etc.
    Every town has a wildlife protection group to call.

  3. Have you noticed the diminishing bird seeds from your feeder? If you look closely throughout the day, you might catch some squirrels climbing poles like acrobats. This is the struggle of many who own bird feeders, which led to many possible solutions sold on the market.

  4. Thank for sharing useful information. This helps me a lot. Squirrels sure are clever, but with the best squirrel baffle, you can keep them away from your bird feeder.

  5. I like the idea of grease at the bottom couple of feet. We have Grey Squirrels. Which idiot back 100 years ago thought it was cute to bring these over from the US? If they were going to bring over cute squirrels, why did they not bring the black ones? Why the grey? They are aggressive and pushing out the native red from Britain. So the more of these greys we can remove the better for the survival of the red native squirrel. Am I that bad a person?
    Off to fit our baffle.

  6. I have a very large ROUND plastic birdfeeder pole – about 4″ diameter guaranteed to be impossible for squirrels to climb – and that has proved to be true. However, the other day I saw a large rat running up it with no trouble at all and so what I need is a rat baffle. There is no shortage of baffles for 4×4″ wooden poles but nothing that large for a round one. I need help.

  7. Does anyone make an effective metal squirrel baffle for shepherd’s hooks? I have several hooks and I really don’t want to replace them unless there’s no other solution.

  8. My neighbors put a piece of wood on the rail under their bird feeder today with nails and staples poking up from it and I am just sick about it. They did to keep the squirrels off their bird feeder. one poor wee Yellow Finch was already hurt on the blasted thing. They have a horizontal bar that comes out of the side of their house to hold their tube feeder up and I have not found a solution for how to make a baffle I can give them so they will take that horrid torture device off their rail. They climb over from the roof across the pole and will jump up from the porch rail too. If anyone has any idea what to, It would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want any other birds or squirrels to get hurt or worse. Thank you

  9. To be honest, one of the cheapest and most effective deterrents is simply to dust off the peanuts in your feeder with a good sprinkling of chilli powder. It’s cheap, the birds don’t mind it, and it’s non-toxic. But when a squirrel gets his first taste of chilli, he’s off like a scalded cat . . whoosh! And squirrels have quite good memories.

  10. I read a comment elsewhere on this blog where someone recommended using a slinky. You have to wind it onto the pole (we have a cheap shepherd’s hook) but so far it works! It’s quite entertaining to watch a squirrel jump on the pole and boing back down to the ground. We’ll see if they can outsmart this!

  11. What worked best for me is to use the tallest shepherds post I could find (I bought an 8ft from Home Depot). Then a bought a black metal squirrel baffle that I tried to mount on the pole at the same level as the base of the feeder. The attachment was too large for my skinny, narrow shepherds post so I had to jerry rig it on to the post so that by the time I was done, the baffle stayed in place but wasn’t LOCKED in place. It wobbled to-and-fro when the wind blew or a bird tried to land on it. When the squirrel tried to jump on it, it’s weight weight would send the baffle leaning in that direction and the squirrel would fall. It seems that, by total accident, I came up with an effective solution.

  12. I bought a baffle that indeed prevents the squirrels from climbing up the pole, but I have watched the little black squirrels simply jump from ground to the thistle feeder and somehow rotate in mid air to attach themselves to the feeder. Like velcro. Repeatedly. Plus I thought they weren’t supposed to like thistle! Stinkers! All of them.

  13. I saw a fix for that recently. stringing large plastic pop bottles along the line. ie: run the line through the opening at top of bottle and a created hole at bottom.

  14. We have several feeders spaced along a dog run zipline between two trees. The problem is the squirrels just tightrope walk along the wire and climb down onto the feeder. Anything designed to be used horizontally to stop them getting onto the wire alltogether?

  15. Help please! Hawks are swooping down as the birds rest on the shepherds hook that holds the feeders. is there anything I can use to deter this? It is now more like a feeding station for the hawks!

  16. In case you hate squirrels enough to want them to die by getting grease on them remember the birds will also be harmed and possible die if they contact greasy substances.

  17. I really enjoyed watching your live cam. I would love to see a view of your entire feeder setup from the ground up. FYI, as I was watching, a squirrel dropped in and scared all the birds away! Funny for a page in squirrel baffles!

  18. how did you attach the 6 in pipe to 4×4 post…there was no sound…got a good view of your dads back and top of baffel…thanks

  19. My bird feeding station has 6-inch square posts, and I can’t find a baffle to fit. I would rather buy than build, if possible. Are there any sources for this?

  20. We are using T posts (fencing posts) with the knob like things all the way down on them. Would any of these baffles work with this type of post? From the ground up?

  21. My problem is the raccoons. Will the 4×4 post squirrel baffle deter them? I can’t really put extra food on the ground or the skunks come, too, and this is a small backyard. There is not enough distance between the back door and the bird feeders to accommodate free roaming skunks, lol.

    1. LOL, I love watching the skunks in our backyard but they are far enough away from the house so we don’t have to worry. The 4×4 post will deter them as long as you put a baffle on the pole.

  22. Squirrels will certainly monopolize your bird feeders if you let them. So, I baffle all my bird feeders. However, I make sure to furnish food for the furry fellows as well. Birds Choice (and other brands) make nice squirrel feeders. I find that so long as I make food available to those clever fellows, they are much less concerned about attempting to raid my bird feeders. You can’t beat them, so you might as well feed them…