Support The Live Animal Cameras!

Thank you for even contemplating donating today. 🙂


Here are ways to support the live camera project monetarily:


The live animal cams have impacted more people than I ever could have imagined and I get the honor of hearing all the different stories!


Here are a few recent ones that come to mind:


  • A child with a vision disability that prevents him from using binoculars can view the birds and animals up close.


  • Someone who is confined to a hospital bed can enjoy the natural sounds of nature.


  • An animal lover from Australia who has never seen the beauty of Northern Cardinals or Blue Jays.


  • And of course, there are hundreds of people who are stuck inside at work for the day and need some entertainment (including myself 🙂 )!


I want you to know that it feels strange to accept donations.


I didn’t install the cameras hoping to receive any money from my viewers. But after being asked multiple times if I accept donations, I decided to create this form for those that felt a need.


Please know that making a donation is not necessary or expected. But it is incredibly appreciated. 🙂


Donations will be used ONLY to support the following 3 things:


1. Paying for the daily food that feeds the birds and animals.

Currently, I am spending almost $200 per month for sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn, safflower, suet, mealworms, etc.


2. Funding new feeders and equipment.

The network cameras that provide the streaming are not cheap, each one costing about $1,000. I went with the best cameras that I could find to make sure the quality is incredible. Someday I will need to replace these cameras, along with continually adding new bird feeders, baths, etc. I also have plans to update the landscaping you see around the cams with native plants, flowers, and maybe even a waterfall!


3. Expand the live camera locations.

My goal is to partner with other avid bird watchers around the globe. Selfishly, I want to be able to watch bird feeding stations not only from my backyard but from California, Florida, Europe, Australia, South America, etc. Extra funds received would go towards accomplishing this goal of providing more streams to the station. (If interested in a partnership, please contact me at


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Every little bit helps, whether it’s $5 or $500!