Texas – Animal, Insect, & Plant ID Guides

We have done our best to create ID guides for the common animals, insects, and plants that live in Texas.


Below you will find the links. I hope you enjoy and learn something new!


If you find errors in any of the guides below, please leave a comment at the bottom of that specific page or send me a message HERE. Thanks!


Types of BIRDS in Texas:




Types of MAMMALS in Texas:


Types of INSECTS & ARACHNIDS in Texas:


Types of PLANTS in Texas:


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  1. This is awesome. I live in TX so when I have a little more time, am going to check out the various species and plants. I have deer, fox, squirrels, raccoons, etc in my yard. And some flowers that the deer won’t eat. Thanks for your hard work putting this together. Am going to forward it to a couple friends who live in other states.

  2. While reading the wildflowers section, I noticed there were zones. However, I see no map to show these zones. If there’s anyway you can include a map of these zones, please.