Here’s when hummingbirds leave Oklahoma! (to migrate south)

Unfortunately, hummingbirds don’t live in Oklahoma year-round. 🙁

At the end of every summer, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (the only common species in the state) depart Oklahoma to migrate south to southern Mexico and Central America. They spend the winter here in the warm weather before coming back next spring!

So when exactly do hummingbirds leave Oklahoma?

when do hummingbirds leave

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds start their southward migration once their breeding season ends. It’s believed that they can sense the changes in the reduced number of daylight hours, flowers, and insects, which triggers their instinct to leave Oklahoma.

This means that most hummingbirds leave Oklahoma by early to mid-September. By the end of September, almost all birds are gone, and they won’t return again until spring.

But keep your eyes open for any hummingbirds that started their migration late. It’s not uncommon to see a straggler passing through Oklahoma in October, especially if they started their migration from much higher north!

I’m guessing that the reason you wanted to know when hummingbirds leave Oklahoma is that you were curious when you can put away your feeders for the winter?

Here’s what I always recommend:

Don’t take down your feeders until you haven’t seen a hummingbird for TWO weeks.

hummingbirds leaving

Once that happens, you can be very confident that almost all the hummingbirds in Oklahoma have left for the year!

Trust me; you definitely don’t want to take away the nectar in your yard too early. Hummingbirds migrate a LONG way and need lots of ENERGY, which you can hopefully provide to them.

When do you normally see the last hummingbirds leave Oklahoma?

Let us know in the COMMENTS section below!

When Do Hummingbirds Return to Oklahoma? (Get your feeders ready!)

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