Yellow-rumped Warbler Calls (Learn 4 Common Sounds)

Yellow-rumped Warblers, with their bright yellow patches and really nice blue-gray coloring, are fairly easy to identify.

What can be tricky is that there are two variants of Yellow-rumped Warbler, the Myrtle and the Audubon. The difference between these two variants is the Myrtle has a black face mask, while the Audubon does not. Now let’s learn the Yellow-rumped Warblers calls and the differences in those calls.

Yellow-rumped warbler songs and CALLS:

  • Make sure to press PLAY on the audio files below. 🙂

Sound #1: Myrtle Male Song

Listen for a bird song that speeds up as it ends. Only sung by the males, this song can consist of 21 notes but only lasts for up to 3 seconds.

Sound #2: Audubon Male Song

Males will sing to protect their territory but also to attract mates. Listen for a birdsong that slightly rises and falls as the bird sings. The Myrtle and Audubon songs both sound very similar.

Sound #3: Myrtle Chip Call

This ‘chek‘ call is frequently made by both males and females. They will make this call as they are foraging and flying.

Sound #4: Audubon Chip Call

Don’t be confused about these two calls, as they do sound very much alike. Once I played them simultaneously, I was able to hear the difference between the two. The Yellow-rumped Warbler Audubon call is higher pitched than the Myrtle Yellow-rumped Warblers call.

You may be feeling stressed about these calls, and that’s okay. Warbler calls are stressful to learn. Remember when birding to always take in your other surroundings, like the Audubon Yellow-rumped Warbler is not found in eastern North America.

Have you heard the calls and songs of a Yellow-rumped Warbler before?

If so, please let us know below!

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