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My name is Scott, and I like birds.


I’m not too picky when it comes to birds. I like hiking outside to find them. I also enjoy setting up multiple feeders in my backyard to see what shows up.


I am in my thirties and live in Ohio.


I have a five-year-old daughter who equally loves dressing in princess’s costumes AND putting on boots to play in our stream and get dirty.  As far as birds go, cardinals are her favorite bird – mostly because they are red and so is her favorite color. She also enjoys helping me chase away flocks of starlings when they overrun our feeding station.


We also have a two-year-old son. He is the perfect mixture of being a crazy little boy and kind to everyone he meets. At the moment, his favorite things are Ghostbusters and making me chase him around the entire house. He also loves going outside, and I have to sneak out the backdoor in the morning just to take our dog outside.


I have been married to my wife for eight wonderful years. She doesn’t like birds quite like me (but not many people do!) She does enjoy watching our bird feeder’s, being outside and making fun of me when bird sounds start playing in my car instead of music.


I created Bird Watching HQ for two reasons:


1. It is fun.


I like building websites. And as I mentioned above, I also like birds.


So making a website about birds is a perfect fit.


2. To inspire people to attract wildlife to their backyard.


I’m pretty sure that birders could save the world if we could organize and pull on the same rope together.


We need more birders and bird watchers. Please help me.


I have a confession.


My favorite birds are penguins, and it’s not even close.


Ever since watching “March of the Penguins” I have been hooked. All of my friends and family know this about me. Penguins have been a part of everything in my life from birthdays to Halloween to my wedding.


Before I die, my goal is to see all 17 species of penguins.


They range from the Galapagos Islands to the coasts of South America and Africa to Antarctica to New Zealand and Australia. I can’t wait to witness the most magnificent flightless bird that has ever roamed the planet.


Sadly, I have never seen a penguin in the wild. I am hoping to change that relatively soon. I hope that this website will help me get there.


I am always on the hunt for penguin news, videos or awesome pictures. Please let me know if you find something worth sharing.


Have you seen the live cameras in my backyard!?



These two cams are located about 100 feet from the back of my house. I use them to help show which food and feeders that I am currently using. They are also extremely entertaining to watch the birds and mammals with the HD security camera! Make sure to watch my ground cam at night, which features excellent night vision.


Learn more about each of my cameras HERE.


Not sure where to get started?


First, check out my “Start Here” page for some of my favorite and most popular articles.


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