The 9 BEST Hummingbird Feeders (That Work in 2024!)

Finding the best hummingbird feeders is not as easy as it sounds!

best hummingbird feeders

There are hundreds of different options and styles, which leads to many questions: Should my feeder be made of plastic or glass? Are the expensive hummingbird feeders the best?  Is this nectar feeder easy to clean? 

It can be confusing, but this list of the 9 BEST hummingbird feeders should help.

I’ve organized this post into a few different sections, depending on the type of hummingbird feeder you want. (Best overall, window, or unique)

Table of Contents: The Best Hummingbird Feeders

The Overall BEST Hummingbird Feeders (2)

These two hummingbird feeders work well, even though they have different designs. They attract hummingbirds, are easy to clean, don’t leak, and are sturdy.

#1. Aspects HummZinger Hummingbird Feeder

best hummingbird feeders

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One reason why this nectar feeder works so well is because of its simple dish design. The sugar water sits in the glass dish BELOW the feeding ports. This design makes cleaning the feeder incredibly easy since there are no hard-to-reach areas way up inside a skinny bottle.

Another benefit of dish-style hummingbird feeders is they DON’T LEAK!

In addition, there is a built-in ant moat, which is very effective at preventing these insects from accessing the nectar. Just make sure to remember to fill it with water. (Speaking from experience 🙂 )

This 12 oz model has four feeding ports. If you want a bigger option, the HummZinger also comes in a 16 oz model with six feeding ports.

Plastic Hummingbird Feeders

This product is definitely one of the BEST hummingbird feeders on the market. It’s a bit more expensive than some other options, but it’s worth the extra cost. You should have no hassle or frustration with cleaning or leaking nectar. It just works!

#2. First Nature Hummingbird Feeder

best hummingbird feeders


As you can see, with this hummingbird feeder, the nectar sits ABOVE the feeding ports. The sugar water then drains down as it’s eaten. This style is referred to as a “bottle” design.

I think this is one of the best hummingbird feeders around because it doesn’t leak. I’ve personally used it for many years and have had much success! 

The only time nectar has spilled is during EXTREME wind storms. You definitely don’t want a leaky nectar feeder, as the leftover sugar residue will attract ants and hornets!

Plastic Hummingbird Feeder

Here are some other things that I like:

  • The bottle that holds the nectar is relatively wide and simple to disassemble, making it easy to get inside and clean.
  • It has 10 feeding ports on the 16-ounce model (pictured above), so there are plenty of spots for hummers to feed. However, if you have lots of hummingbirds and require a larger feeder, you will want to check out the 32-ounce model!

Want to see this hummingbird feeder in action in my yard?

YouTube video

Just press PLAY above! I set up my iPhone on a tripod and got incredible videos of my hummingbirds.

The 3 Best WINDOW Hummingbird Feeders

best hummingbird feeders for sale

There is no better way to get close to hummingbirds than to buy a quality window hummingbird feeder. Hummingbird feeders that hang from your window are a lot of fun and make a great addition to any outdoor space.

If you’re concerned that putting up a window feeder will make hummingbirds start crashing into your windows, I want you to know that you shouldn’t worry. 🙂 Putting a feeder directly on your window actually helps to keep birds safe since they are close enough to know the window is there and that they need to fly in the other direction if frightened.

Honestly, putting a hummingbird feeder on a window should help PREVENT collisions on that window. The feeder breaks up the space and light reflection, letting all birds know that the window can’t be flown through.

#3. Aspects Window Hummingbird Feeder

aspects window hummingbird feeder

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This 8 oz window hummingbird feeder is one of the best available.

It includes three feeding ports AND perches for the hummingbirds, so they can sit while they eat. Once the hummers found this feeder at my house (it took a few days), they loved it and started visiting it multiple times per day.

The nectar reservoir comes out easily since it is NOT ATTACHED to the suction cups, which is super convenient for cleaning and refilling.

YouTube video

Check out my video review of the Aspects Jewel Box ABOVE!

And since the feeder has a simple dish design, the nectar can’t leak out and make your window sticky and gross. I also like that the flower feeding ports are raised, which helps divert rain and ensures the nectar doesn’t become diluted.

The two suction cups work great, and I’ve had no issues with the feeder sticking to my window. It helps a lot that the reservoir is small and only holds 8oz of nectar.

This Aspects Window Hummingbird Feeder even includes an ant moat! (This can be detached if ants are not a problem)

#4. Nature Anywhere Hummingbird Feeder

nature anywhere hummingbird feeder for windows

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As far as appearance goes, this window hummingbird feeder is one of my favorites! I especially like the white flower feeding ports and how the bottle is skinnier at the bottom (even though this makes cleaning a bit more challenging).

Nature Anywhere includes THREE “industrial strength” suction cups, so you should have no problems with the feeder falling off your window. I like how the suction cups are attached to a bracket that the nectar reservoir snaps into, making refilling and cleaning much simpler.

YouTube video

If you have an active backyard with lots of hummingbirds, you will appreciate this feeder’s larger size, which holds up to 16 ounces of nectar! And refilling it is easy, as the bottom easily unscrews to provide access.

Lastly, Nature Anywhere provides a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. So if it leaks or breaks, they say to email them, and they will send a new one.

 #5. Woodlink Window Feeder Hanger

woodlink window hanger for bird feeders

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First, I know that this is not an actual hummingbird feeder!

But please hear me out because this hook may be the BEST window hummingbird feeder you buy. The reason is that this hook allows many of your existing feeders (hummingbird or not) to hang off your window.

I use this hook all the time on our kitchen windows. It allows me to rotate the feeders that I want to feature.

For example, I typically have my First Nature hummingbird feeder (#2 above) out during the warm summer months. When the hummingbirds migrate south (I live in Ohio), I put out a tube feeder filled with sunflower seeds, which attracts finches, chickadees, woodpeckers, etc.

Just be mindful of the weight of the feeder you will be hanging from this hook.  It’s advertised as being able to support 4 pounds (1.8 kg). However, you may need to experiment with how much weight it can hold from your specific window.

The 4 Best Unique Hummingbird Feeders

Are you bored of the traditional look of most hummingbird feeders? Lucky for you, there is a whole world of beautiful and unique hummingbird feeders that can add some personality to your garden or patio.

Unfortunately, many of these non-traditional hummingbird feeders look GREAT but are not functional. They either leak, break easily, or hummingbirds never end up using them.

The unique hummingbird feeders below should give you a good start and point you in the right direction. However, if you don’t find something you like, keep exploring because the manufacturers featured below have MANY more designs available.

#6. Nature’s Way Blown Glass Feeder

best hummingbird feeders

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This blown glass hummingbird feeder is both beautiful AND functional.

The top is easy to remove, and the opening is wide, so it’s simple to fill and clean. The rings on the outside serve as perfect perches to let hummingbirds relax. This option gives a modern decorative look to your feeder collection.

The glass is relatively thick, giving the feeder a nice sturdy feel. While hummingbirds don’t necessarily care about the aesthetics of your feeder, it will look great in your garden!

Best Feature: The hanging frame doubles as a perch, giving your hummingbirds a spot to rest as they take a drink!

#7. Grateful Gnome Glass Hummingbird Feeder

glass hummingbird feeders for decor and feeding

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This hand-blown glass hummingbird feeder is gorgeous!

But what I like best about this feeder is that it’s functional. It not only attracts lots of hummingbirds, but it holds lots of nectar and includes perches for the hummingbirds to rest. In addition, you shouldn’t have any trouble with the base leaking with the included rubber ring, and it’s easy to take apart to refill the nectar and clean.

Don’t like the design or colors of this specific feeder?

I recommend checking out all of the unique hummingbird feeders that Grateful Gnome offers. This design (Blue Egg With Flowers) was my favorite, but they have many different models available.

Best Feature: Grateful Gnome has so many choices for color and shape that you’re sure to find the perfect hummingbird feeder for you!  

#8. ZUMMR Hummingbird Ring Feeder

a ring feeder is one of the most unique hummingbird feeders

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This ring is the coolest hummingbird feeder on the list.

Seriously, just look at how close you will get to the hummers! A tiny reservoir for nectar is attached to a ring, which you can wear on your finger.

If you stay still, with a bit of training (and luck), you may get a hummingbird to come right up and say hello.

Watch this hummingbird feeder in action below! 

YouTube video

Although quite a few colors are available, I recommend sticking to the RED flower. It will attract more hummingbirds than other colors. The best way to get hummingbirds to feel comfortable enough to feed from your hand is to train them! Here’s what I recommend you do:

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First, buy the trainer stand picture above that Zummr makes. Then, place the ring feeder inside the stand and set it outside, either on a cup or attached to your window. This way, your hummingbirds will get used to drinking nectar from the ring feeder and not have to worry about YOU making them feel uncomfortable.

Once you observe hummingbirds drinking regularly from the ring, it’s time for you to put it on and sit outside. With a bit of patience, you should hopefully be able to watch hummingbirds from only a few feet away!

#9. Netvue Birdfy Hummingbird Feeder Camera

hummingbird feeder camera

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This option is definitely the most fun hummingbird feeder!

If you look at the picture above, you will see that the Netvue Birdfy Hummingbird Feeder has a camera built directly into the design. This camera allows you to watch YOUR hummingbirds directly from your phone! 🙂

The app makes it easy to record or capture interesting moments that can be shared quickly and easily. In addition, you can set up notifications to be alerted every time a hummingbird comes to the feeder. The camera is 1080p, which gives incredibly clear video and pictures of the hummers that visit!

Please note the feeder must be close enough to your house to connect to your Wifi to work. 

YouTube video

One negative to this hummingbird feeder is that you have to recharge the batteries in the camera periodically. Netvue says that their battery lasts up to 6 months, but this will vary depending on how many birds visit your bird feeding station. But they also have the option to buy a small solar panel, which continuously charges the battery for you (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

7 Tips When Choosing a Hummingbird Feeder

Tip #1: Dish or bottle feeder?

There are two basic types of hummingbird feeders; the dish and the bottle.

Hummingbird Nectar Feeders

Dish feeders (also called saucer feeders) hold the nectar in the saucer below the feeding ports. It’s a straightforward design, pour the nectar into the dish, put the top back on, and let the hummingbirds start drinking!

The main advantages to the dish feeders are they are EASY to clean and tend not to have as many leaking problems.

Bottle feeders (also called tube or vacuum feeders) resemble a bottle (hence the name!). The nectar is held above the feeding ports and lowers as more of the nectar is eaten.

Bottle feeders tend to look more stylish, in my opinion, but are much harder to clean. You usually need some brushes to get up into the bottle. Also, bottle feeders have a higher tendency to leak.

Every hummingbird enthusiast has their preference. My recommendation is to try and test both styles of nectar feeder to see what you and the hummingbirds like best. Personally, I love dish feeders because they are easier to clean!

Tip #2: Give your hummingbirds a place to rest with perches!

It’s not a requirement, but hummingbirds seem to enjoy having a place to sit and eat.

Perches for Hummingbird Feeders

Tip #3: Make sure it’s constructed well.

Sturdy plastic and glass stand up the best. You don’t want it to break the first time it falls!

Tip #4: Does it have an ant moat?

Feeders for Hummingbirds

Hummingbird feeders that leak typically have the biggest problem with ants. This is because ants are naturally attracted to the sugar in the nectar. As a result, many feeders come equipped with ant moats to deter these insects.

If you find a hummingbird feeder that you like, but it doesn’t have an ant moat, have no fear! Ant guards and traps can be purchased separately. (see links below)

Tip #5. Pay attention to the nectar capacity.

It is crucial to consider how much nectar your feeder holds. Many backyard bird watchers want to buy a feeder with a massive 32 oz reservoir.


Here’s the problem: Nectar spoils typically within a week or two, depending on your local weather.

So if only a few hummingbirds visit your feeder, you will be wasting most of your nectar.

Instead of having one large hummingbird feeder, I recommend getting a few smaller ones and spacing them out in your yard. This also prevents a bully hummingbird from taking over and not allowing any other birds to feed.

Tip #6. Red works best!

Yes, it’s true. Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red and other bright colors. Most flowers are bright, and hummingbirds have evolved to locate their preferred food sources as easily and quickly as possible.

So make sure your hummingbird feeder predominantly displays the color red (or another bright color). Luckily, most hummingbird feeders you find will already feature bright colors.

But it’s not recommended to dye your nectar with red food coloring. First, the reddening chemicals could prove detrimental to your hummers. Second, nectar is a clear liquid in the first place, so coloring is not necessary.

Tip #7. Set up multiple feeders around your yard.

Don’t let the small size of a hummingbird fool you. They can be very territorial and aggressive towards each other! It’s common for a dominant hummingbird to protect a feeder and prevent other hummers from visiting.

Instead of just hanging one feeder, I recommend buying a few and hanging them in different locations. A bully hummingbird can’t protect them all at once! And this allows you to test a few different feeder styles to see what you prefer and which works best.

Before you leave…

What is your favorite hummingbird feeder?

Why do you like it so much?

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  1. Trying to stop woodpeckers from draining my hummingbird feeders, any suggestions as to best type? I have small one ounce bottle feeders( two bottles to a holder, two holders hanging).Perhaps a dish feeder with any most… Thanks

  2. I have been feeding hummingbirds over 30 years. I have 7 feeders up all summer and make 5 quarts of nectar a day. I have tried many different types of feeders and I love the Dr.JB’s. They are the easiest to clean I have found and when I’m cleaning 7 everyday I want the easiest.

  3. I have 5 feeders. My favorite and it also seems to be the hummers favorite is the More Birds® Bird Health Garnet Humming Bird Feeder. It’s a tube feeder, the tube is glass, it has a pretty , but simple shape and is super easy to clean. It has a built in ant moat, doesn’t leak, and is reasonably priced.

  4. As someone who goes into anaphalactic shock when styung by yellow jackets I can assure you that having tried almost a dozen hummingbird feeders the dish feeder used in you comparison is far and away the best for keeping yellowjackets at bay

  5. Enjoyed watching the clips. Number 11 was my favorite. The close up was good enough to see a lot of movement as she ate. Thanks for your web site. It’s enjoyable and informative. I think I’ll be getting a dish feeder in the near future.

  6. Humming bird feeders ; Once bird drinks some liquid it will stop moving water down to fix this tilt feeder until it starts bubbeling then stop tilt when it stops bubbeling or it will start leaking. To fix feeder design it to hang at a tilt or build the base tilted just enough to cause it to keep feeding water down. ALSO Warn people to only use PURE CANE sugar because any other sweetners cause sores on tongue bird can not retract tongue and will die and never feed honey in water. Please write Domino Sugar tell them to put warning on bags so people know what sugar to buy .

  7. My favorite hummer feeder is the First Nature 32 oz, I like the way it cleans, it doesn’t leak, and i live in CA and regularly see the Orioles, and they can also feed from the ports on this feeder. I see three kinds of hummers regularly. The Ruby throat, the Costa, and the Rufus. My feeder empties in a day and a half, so the larger size is perfect.

  8. It shouldn’t matter where you hang the feeder. I have window feeders on a south window that can get quite warm in the heat of summer. The one thing I would emphasize though is, if you’re in a hot weather stretch don’t go more than four or five days without replacing the nectar. Sugar can develop bacteria during hot weather. By hot I would say 85 degrees and up. Below 85 degrees you should be able to go 5 to 6 days without a change (I rarely go that long without a refresh). Just keep an eye on the nectar and if it starts looking cloudy, change it right away.
    Also, be patient. When I hung my first feeders I didn’t see a hummer for at least a month and a half. Just don’t forget to keep changing the nectar to keep it fresh. It may seem like a hopeless waste of time but the end reward of attraction is worth it. Then again, you may get hummers the first day.

  9. The feeder recommended in this article is great for preventing wasps and bees from getting in. The First Nature bottle feeder has little slits instead of round holes for the hummers to drink out of and the wasps cannot fit through the slits. It is heavy-duty plastic with a wide mouth on the jar for easy cleaning. I’ve had mine for 3 years now and it is still in great shape. Hope this helps!

  10. I’ve been feeding hummers for years, both in CA and in TX. I’ve used all types of feeders and will only use the saucer type. The bottle type are just too difficult to clean and a pain to fill and hang. I also will only use the perfectly round saucer types, not the hexagonal ones that are similar to the round ones. Again, the hexagonal ones are too difficult to get the top back on one the bottom is filled. These are the one I get and they come in packs of 2:
    I also use the stand alone ant guards instead of the built in ant moats; much more effective and they last forever.

  11. I live in Florida and have found once the temp rises above 90 the hummingbird feeders get mold and mildew. If you want to have them up in hot weather you will constantly have to change the liquid and scrub it out. Sadly I quit using them and have gone to plantings that attract them. We have planted the width of the backyard with Firebush and have the same in the front yard.

  12. I’m wanting to hang hummingbird feeders but have a couple of questions. Our region can get extremely hot in the summer, so do I hand the feeders in the shade? I planned to use a shepherds hook 5 to 6 foot high. Do I place it near flowers? Trees? North side of the yard or where? I have limited shade on the south and west sides of my yard.
    Our hottest time of the day can begin as early as 10/11 am and not cool off until around after sunset- in the past we usually get a couple weeks of this heat at the end of May and then again at the end of June/early July for spurts of 2 to 3 weeks at a time through August/early September. However last summer we were well over 100 degrees from the end of June through August. We do have hummingbirds in our area, I just don’t know too much about their habitat and needs.
    I would also appreciate any titles of books or articles I can read to educate myself and avoid too many mistakes.
    Reading the comments about feeders was very helpful as was the tip about a “feeder” for the wasp. Thank you for any suggestions and wisdom.

  13. I love my hummingbird feeder. So easy to clean and no spills. It’s called the Pagoda High Perch and I bought it from Wild Birds Unlimited. I realize I need to buy another one because one bullying hummingbird is hogging it!

  14. Your thought process is correct. However, the nectar, a 20% sugar solution, is such an aggressive growth media, the Natural UV anti microbial action isn’t as effective.

  15. Problem with hummingbird feeders with the ports on top, when you get a heavy rain the water will get into the syrup and dilute it.
    Also those that you stick on the windows, suction cups won’t hold up long it the sun is shining on the window.
    Hummingbirds may be more apt to hitting the windows while fighting over the feeders.

  16. I have a question. I am pleased with the feeders I have since in general, they don’t leak. Well, that is unless the wind blows which is most of the time in the area I live in. Now, sometimes, I can go into town and there won’t be any wind at all. lol
    Anyway, the wind makes the feeders swing wildly causing the food to range from a dripping to pouring out. Unfortunately, buying a more expensive glass feeder and hope the wind wouldn’t swing it is out of the question for me.
    I have the feeders hung on hooks from the wooden rafters under the eves of the patio. I don’t know if there’s anything that would work to stop this kind of leaking.

  17. Over the years, I have watched the Ruby Throats go in my area go from 12 a year to 2 last year. I watched as one of my landlord and a neighbor destroyed their habitat and nests and stepped on their eggs before any of us could save them. I put my feeders out late because I was sure they wouldn’t return.
    Then one day, a hummingbird showed up but it wasn’t a Ruby. It was a single Black Chined, never seen here in centuries. Then a second one showed up for just two days. I can’t find a picture of it. It may be a hybrid. A couple of days later there were two black chins, a Ruby nd one other.
    Unfortunately, I have been in and out of the hospital so my feeders haven’t been refilled so I don’t know what is around at the moment. But my point is, don’t give up. Ya don’t have to fill your feeders all the way up. I have two feeders and I cut the recipe into 1/4 so it wouldn’t go bad if there wasn’t very many and split it between the two. So all I used was 1/4 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water. That’s not a lot to give it a try.
    I am sad to see the reduction of Rubies. We got a report a few years ago their population was reducing so we wer to watch for nests before we cut bush and branches down.