The 8 Best Hummingbird Feeders (That Actually Work in 2021)

Finding the best hummingbird feeders is not as easy as it sounds!


There are literally hundreds of different options and styles, which leads to many questions:


Should my feeder be made of plastic or glass? Are the expensive hummingbird feeders the best? Will this unique blown glass hummingbird feeder attract any birds? Does it leak? Is it easy to clean? 


It can be confusing, but this list of the BEST hummingbird feeders should help.


I’ve organized this post into a few different sections, depending on the type of hummingbird feeder you want. (Best overall, window, or unique)


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The Two BEST Hummingbird Feeders


These two hummingbird feeders both work well, even though they have different designs (Dish vs. Bottle). 


They attract hummingbirds, are easy to clean, don’t leak, and are sturdy.

1. Aspects HummZinger HighView 12 oz Hummingbird Feeder

Best Dish Hummingbird Feeder - Plastic

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This feeder’s design is a simple dish design, which is why it works well and is extremely popular.


The nectar is placed in the bottom dish and the top snaps right back on. This makes the hummingbird feeder very easy to clean and means no leaking!


The built-in ant moat prevents them from accessing the nectar. Just make sure to fill it with water. (Speaking from experience 🙂


This 12 oz model has four feeding ports. If you want a bigger option, the HummZinger also comes in a 16 oz model with six feeding ports.


This hummingbird feeder is inexpensive with no hassle or frustration AND attracts hummingbirds! It just works!


Plastic Hummingbird Feeders


2. First Nature Hummingbird Feeder, 16-Ounce

Best Bottle Hummingbird Feeder - Plastic

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Does it leak?


This is always the first question that should be asked when looking at bottle style hummingbird feeders.


A feeder that leaks is almost worthless. It is frustrating to use because it makes a mess and attracts ants.


This is why I like this hummingbird feeder from First Nature. So far I have not had any leaking problems.


The bottle that holds the nectar is relatively wide and simple to disassemble, which makes it easy to get inside and clean.


It has ten feeding ports on the 16-ounce model, so there are plenty of spots for hummers to feed. It even has perches for them to rest.


Plastic Hummingbird Feeder


If you have lots of hummingbirds and require a larger feeder, then you will want to check out the 32-ounce model!


The Best Window Hummingbird Feeders


There is no better way to get close to hummingbirds than to buy a quality window hummingbird feeder.


Hummingbird feeders that hang from your window are a lot of fun and make a great addition to any outdoor space. I even put one on the window outside of my office at work.


The main complaint that people have about window hummingbird feeders is their inability to stick to your window. Make sure you give the outside window a thorough cleaning (without soap!) and apply enough pressure to the suction cups to ensure a good hold.


Lastly, be responsible when feeding hummingbirds! If the birds start running into your window, either remove the feeder or try placing decals on your window.


1. Aspects Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder


Best Window Hummingbird Feeder

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This 8 oz window hummingbird feeder is one of the best available.


It’s easy to take the top off (it’s attached via a hinge), clean and then refill with nectar.

Check out my video review of the Aspects Jewel Box ABOVE!


Since it has a simple dish design, the nectar can’t leak out and make your window sticky and gross.


This past summer I had no issues with the feeder sticking to my window. I think it helps a lot that it is so small and light and also has two separate suction cups.


It includes three feeding ports AND perches for the hummingbirds to sit and eat. Once the hummers found this feeder (it took a few days), they made sure to visit it a few times every day.


It even includes an ant moat! (This can be unattached if ants are not a problem)


Window Hummingbird Feeders


 2. Woodlink Window Glass Hangar for Hummingbird Feeders

window hook for hummingbird feeders

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Probably the easiest way to have a window hummingbird feeder is to let your existing feeder hang from this hook.


It attaches to your window and lets you get a close-up view of any feeder you have.


Mine sticks well and has never fallen off.

Just be mindful of the weight of the feeder you will be hanging from this hook (it’s advertised as being able to hold 4lb). You may need to experiment a little with how much weight it can hold from your specific window.


Pair this hook with the Aspects HummZinger Hummingbird Feeder for a great combination. (the first feeder featured on this list)


The Best Unique Hummingbird Feeders


Are you bored of the clear and red plastic of most traditional hummingbird feeders?


Lucky for you there is a whole world of beautiful and unique hummingbird feeders that can add some personality to your garden or patio.


Unfortunately, many stylish hummingbirds look GREAT but are not functional. They either leak, break easily, or hummingbirds never end up using them.


The two unique hummingbird feeders below should give you a good start and point you in the right direction. Both of the manufacturers – Grateful Gnome and Best Home Products – have many different cool and exciting designs if these two aren’t appealing to you.


1. Nature’s Way Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder

glass dish design

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Add a little flair and design to your outdoor space!


This blown glass hummingbird feeder from Nature’s Way is both beautiful AND functional.


It is easy to fill and clean. The parts are simple to remove, and the opening is wide.


The rings on the outside are perfect perches to let the hummingbirds relax, and it gives a modern decorative look to your feeder.


The glass is relatively thick, which gives the feeder a nice sturdy feel to it.


It’s a little more expensive than the plastic options above, but this red glass hummingbird feeder will look much more pleasing to the human eye in your outdoor space.


But hummingbirds don’t seem to care about aesthetics, so you will need to determine if that is worth the extra cost.

Glass Hummingbird Feeders


2. Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder (36 oz) – Grateful Gnome

grateful gnome blown glass feeder

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This feeder holds a lot of nectar and includes perches for the hummingbirds to rest.


Personally, I think the hand-blown glass is gorgeous and catches your eye.


What I like best about this feeder is that it is also functional. It attracts hummingbirds AND is well made! You should not have any trouble with the base leaking, and it’s easy to take apart to refill the nectar.


Unique Hummingbird Feeders

Don’t like the design or colors of this hummingbird feeder?


My recommendation is to check out all of the unique hummingbird feeders that Grateful Gnome offers. This design (Blue Egg With Flowers) was my favorite, but they have lots of different models available. High-quality glass blown hummingbird feeders seem to be Grateful Gnome’s specialty.


3. Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder (28 oz) – Best Home Products

best home products feeder

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Here is another unique hummingbird feeder that performs well.


It has thick hand-blown glass that makes the feeder very sturdy. It does have a plastic bottom, but if this breaks Best Home Products should be able to replace free of charge.


There are four ports with yellow flowers to attract the hummers and perches for them to rest. It unscrews at the base and has a wide mouth, which makes the feeder easier to clean.


Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeders

7 Tips When Choosing a Hummingbird Feeder



Do you know how to choose a hummingbird feeder?


If not, this section is for you because they are not all created equal. It’s important to understand the different terms and features you are going to run across as you search and shop.


Before diving into my recommended hummingbird feeders, please take a second to educate yourself!


1. Dish or bottle feeder? 


There are two basic types of hummingbird feeder; the dish or the bottle.

Hummingbird Nectar Feeders


Dish feeders (also referred to as saucer feeders) hold the nectar in the saucer below the feeding ports. It’s a straightforward design, just pour the nectar into the dish, put the top back on, and let the hummingbirds start drinking!


The main advantages to the dish feeders are they are EASY to clean and tend not to have as many leaking problems.


Bottle feeders (also referred to as tube or vacuum feeders) resemble a bottle (hence the name!). The nectar is held above the feeding ports and lowers as more of the nectar is eaten.


Bottle feeders tend to look more stylish in my opinion but are much harder to clean. You usually need some brushes to get up into the bottle. Also, bottle feeders have a higher tendency to leak.


Every hummingbird enthusiast has their preference. My recommendation is to try and test both styles of nectar feeder to see what you and the hummingbirds like best. Personally, I love dish feeders because they are much easier to clean!


2. Perches: Give your hummingbirds a place to rest!


It’s not a requirement, but hummingbirds seem to enjoy having a place to sit and eat.

Perches for Hummingbird Feeders


3. Material:


Sturdy plastic and glass stand up the best. You don’t want it to break the first time it falls!


4. Ant Moat:

Feeders for Hummingbirds

Hummingbird feeders that leak typically have the biggest problem with ants. This is because ants are naturally attracted to the sugar in the nectar. Many feeders come equipped with ant moats to deter these insects.


If you find a hummingbird feeder that you like, but it doesn’t have an ant moat, have no fear! Ant guards and traps can be purchased separately. (see link below)


5. Size and Nectar Capacity:

It is crucial to consider how much nectar your feeder holds. Many backyard bird watchers want to buy a feeder with a massive 32 oz reservoir.




Here’s the problem:

Nectar spoils typically within five days. If only a few hummingbirds visit your feeder, you are going to be wasting most of your nectar.


Instead of having one large hummingbird feeder, my recommendation is to get a few smaller ones that are spaced out among your yard. This also prevents a bully hummingbird from taking over and not allowing any other birds to feed.


6. Bright Colors Work Best!


Yes, it’s true. Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red and other bright colors. This makes sense. Most flowers are bright and hummingbirds have evolved to locate their preferred food sources as easily and quickly as possible.


So make sure your hummingbird feeder displays the color red (or another bright color) predominantly. Luckily, most hummingbird feeders you find know this and will feature bright colors.


But it’s not recommended to dye your nectar with red food coloring. First, the reddening chemicals could prove detrimental to your hummers. Second, nectar is a clear liquid in the first place so coloring is not necessary.


7. Try Multiple Feeders Around Your Yard


Don’t let the small size of a hummingbird fool you. They can be very territorial and aggressive towards each other!


It’s common for a dominant hummingbird to protect a feeder and prevent any other hummers from visiting. Instead of just hanging one feeder, my recommendation is to buy a few and hang them in different locations. A bully hummingbird can’t protect them all at once! And this allows you to test a few different feeder styles to see what you prefer and works best.


Before you leave…

What is your favorite hummingbird feeder? Why do you like it so much?

63 responses to “The 8 Best Hummingbird Feeders (That Actually Work in 2021)”

  1. Liz says:

    I love my hummingbird feeder. So easy to clean and no spills. It’s called the Pagoda High Perch and I bought it from Wild Birds Unlimited. I realize I need to buy another one because one bullying hummingbird is hogging it!

  2. Gary Smith says:

    Your thought process is correct. However, the nectar, a 20% sugar solution, is such an aggressive growth media, the Natural UV anti microbial action isn’t as effective.

  3. Eileen Louise Gronberg says:

    Problem with hummingbird feeders with the ports on top, when you get a heavy rain the water will get into the syrup and dilute it.
    Also those that you stick on the windows, suction cups won’t hold up long it the sun is shining on the window.
    Hummingbirds may be more apt to hitting the windows while fighting over the feeders.

  4. J R says:

    Elsa, what brand / size do you use? Everything I look at on Amazon has negative comments turning me away

  5. Bear says:

    I have a question. I am pleased with the feeders I have since in general, they don’t leak. Well, that is unless the wind blows which is most of the time in the area I live in. Now, sometimes, I can go into town and there won’t be any wind at all. lol
    Anyway, the wind makes the feeders swing wildly causing the food to range from a dripping to pouring out. Unfortunately, buying a more expensive glass feeder and hope the wind wouldn’t swing it is out of the question for me.
    I have the feeders hung on hooks from the wooden rafters under the eves of the patio. I don’t know if there’s anything that would work to stop this kind of leaking.

  6. Bear says:

    Over the years, I have watched the Ruby Throats go in my area go from 12 a year to 2 last year. I watched as one of my landlord and a neighbor destroyed their habitat and nests and stepped on their eggs before any of us could save them. I put my feeders out late because I was sure they wouldn’t return.
    Then one day, a hummingbird showed up but it wasn’t a Ruby. It was a single Black Chined, never seen here in centuries. Then a second one showed up for just two days. I can’t find a picture of it. It may be a hybrid. A couple of days later there were two black chins, a Ruby nd one other.
    Unfortunately, I have been in and out of the hospital so my feeders haven’t been refilled so I don’t know what is around at the moment. But my point is, don’t give up. Ya don’t have to fill your feeders all the way up. I have two feeders and I cut the recipe into 1/4 so it wouldn’t go bad if there wasn’t very many and split it between the two. So all I used was 1/4 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water. That’s not a lot to give it a try.
    I am sad to see the reduction of Rubies. We got a report a few years ago their population was reducing so we wer to watch for nests before we cut bush and branches down.

  7. CE says:

    Put. Feeder with 50/50 water/sugar away from the other feeders. The wasps and nets will go to the higher concentration and leave the other feeders alone.

  8. Kuppler says:

    I have a hummer feeder & a seed feeder hanging from a branch of a Sitka spruce. It’s fantastic, no mess as everything falls into the grass & disappears! I threw a line over the branch, attached one end to feeder, the other to tree trunk so I could raise & lower the feeders as we have deer that like seed.

  9. Cheri Tuckett says:

    I buy feeders at the Dollar Tree every year. My Hummers prefer these to the expensive ones I have tried. I have a few I’ve used for years and t hey are still going strong!.

  10. Susan Gilligan says:

    When the wasps start hitting the feeders in late summer I start switching them out with the few I have with super tiny holes. I don’t know the brand, but they’re dish style with red top, ALL GLASS and wrought iron. The feeding ports are about the diameter of a paper clip wire, but the hummers use them. They sell them at Duncraft.

  11. Pam says:

    We have a terrible time with wasps actually getting inside the feeder holes. Do you know of anything that would stop this?

  12. doug says:

    Have you seen the College Logo Hummingbird feeders at ? Wow, really cool

  13. Mary Wirges says:

    I bought a hummingbird feeder called Lil sweety hummingbird feeder. I bought it at our San Diego County Fair a couple of years ago. It has taken a long time for the hummingbirds to use it but it could be my fault since I didn’t monitor it regularly. It is easy to clean and has a water compartment in the center where the hook is located to keep ants out. I also had smaller tubes I bought from a nursery which attracted hummingbirds regularly. I am going to be more diligent and change the food and clean the feeders on a weekly basis. I should get more visitors. I now want to identify the hummers that come by.

  14. Scott Willis says:

    There are also window-mount feeders that attach with suction cups. No nails or screws.

    Stick a pole in the ground, or use a weighted base.

    Could try “Command” strips. “Command™ Outdoor Products can also be used on smooth, sealed and finished surfaces including vinyl siding and fences, doors, windows, decks, gutters and trim. The Outdoor Product line is not recommended for use on rough surfaces, such as cement board, brick or rough-sawn wood.”
    Provided they would be left alone, nobody pulling on the removal tab.

  15. Linda Peterson says:

    My feeder sits on top of a metal stake in a plant pot. It is a saucer/bowl feeder with a screw on top where they sit to drink.

  16. sandy says:

    hi Charlene! I just found this site, so awesome! I live in an extremely hot area (100-degrees + 3-4 months of every year) and every single feeder I have leaked or burst. Until I found the saucer style feeders with the nectar on the bottom. The Aspects feeder (Scott’s number one choice) is a bit more expensive than knock-offs, and is absolutely the only feeder I’ll ever buy again. The “drip down” feeders can be gorgeous but they ALL eventually leak out here in the desert. Good luck!

  17. Frank Rojas says:

    YHHAFSFW Hummingbird Feeder,20 Ounce Glass

    FYI: Amazon does not have them anymore available.

    I am interested on buying a couple of them and so are other friends.

    CAREFUL: There are scammers who say they have it, such as: YWERMI.COM, and some others, which should be reported to Consumers Affairs and other governmental authorities.

    Any LEGIT information of a supplier/vendor will be much appreciated.

  18. Paige H Shutlock says:

    I have a Rose of Sharon/Hibiscus bush (tall as a small tree). The hummers love it! They drink from the flowers and sit in the branches. It also keeps the bees away from the feedsrs. I only have a problem with yellow jackets. I put vaseline on the bottom of the feeder and – no more yellow jackets!

  19. Carol Harlig says:

    I’m on the 10th floor of our condo and am amazed at the number of hummers that find my 4 feeders. We have planter boxes and I stuck shepherd’s crooks in them. I clean the bottles and change the nectar every 4 days to keep it fresh. Simple syrup solution: boil 4 cups of water, then add 1 cup of sugar and stir to dissolve.
    What a joy seeing those little hummers darting about.

  20. Elsa says:

    I have used glass bottles, inverted with feeders screwed to the neck. VERY durable and never leaky! I love these bottles so well, I have bought 22 already!

  21. Elsa says:

    Yes! Just make sure you also get an ant moat above the feeder. Those pesky ants will invade it. Or, put flour on top of the bottle, they don’t like anything sticking to their feet! I have presently about 18 feeders going strong right now❤️ My feeders are red glass bottles, which I didn’t see mentioned here; they are simply the best!

  22. Belinda Self says:

    Absolutely! Or, you can get a “shepherd’s crook” from a home improvement store and hang feeder(s) on it.

  23. JCK says:

    Yes! Most likely. I live on the 8th floor in a dense, urban area and I’ve been getting visitors to my window feeder. We even see hummingbirds in our roof garden which is 14 stories up. This is my first time having a feeder and I am loving it. Have fun!

  24. Jeff Gates says:

    I’ve pretty much given up on hummingbirds in my yard. So sick of experimenting and wasting liquid every year, buying new feeders, all for maybe one bug bird to show up and disappear for the summer. I’ve never had luck with them.

  25. Andie says:

    I have had the Natures Way feeders (first one) for years. My oldest I’ve had for at least seven. Yes they are potentially breakable if you aren’t careful, but the upside is that the glass is easy to clean and I prefer glass to plastics anyway. Another thing is that Nature’s Way will sell replacement gaskets and flower ports for replacements if they are needed. Plus they don’t leak with the exception that if you fill them too high the nectar can squirt out a little when you put the lid on. Otherwise I have never had a problem. As for hummingbirds…they are favorite with them, I have had many kids of feeders and those are the ones with the most activity in my yard.

  26. Genie Zuk says:

    I rent and aren’t allowed to put hooks or nails into the overhangs of my house. I have one right outside my patio window that another tenant put in. Can feeders be hung from tree limbs?

  27. Dan says:

    Under “Best Unique Feeders”
    “Unfortunately, many stylish hummingbirds look GREAT but are not functional. They either leak, break easily, or hummingbirds never end up using them.”
    How do I avoid these dysfunctional hummingbirds at my feeder? I mean really, who wants fragile, leaky hummingbirds hanging around? You know, the kind other hummingbirds wouldn’t want to use.

  28. Paul Tetley says:

    Thanks for the tip. They look awesome.

  29. raheck4170 says:

    Thank you for this information you provided. We find it the most logical help. Now we can buy our feeder.

  30. Dhananjay says:

    Will the feeder still attract hummingbirds if my patio is on the fifth floor of an high rise. It’s the only high rise in an otherwise green and wooded surrounding. Secondly, need to keep them in a patio , hence checking for the right options. Please help.

  31. ziba says:

    I’m wondering why humming bird feeder part that contain the sugar water aren’t made of clear plastic. When exposed to the sun, the UV rays should kill most microbes in the sugar solution. This method has been promoted by the UN in third world countries without clean safe water. They put the dirty water that they have and put them in the clear plastic jugs. After 6 hrs of so in the sun, the water is clear of microbes and safe to drink. I understand the need for bright colors to attract the birds, but they can be put around and on the bottom of the feeder to minimize the blockage of sun rays.

  32. The Healthy Hummingbird Feeder from Amazon for $10. I have no affiliation with the company or anything else. I’ve used it and it’s one of the best I’ve ever used. It’s easy to clean because it’s a dish feeder. Unlike bottle feeders, it doesn’t leak, and it only holds 4 ounces. The screw on lid gives it a secure seal. Another one I like is the Aspects HummZinger Humm Blossom. You can find it at Amazon, too. Aspects makes bee guards for that feeder, and I use them. That feeder holds 4 ounces, too. These are super easy to clean. In hot weather, you need to change a feeder every two days. So using less nectar means less waste. You may need an S hook for the HummBlossom because the hook for hanging it is tiny. My beef with bottle feeders is that they expand and contract in hot weather. This is especially true of plastic feeders. Unless you’re able to get a tight vacuum seal on a bottle feeder, it will always leak.

  33. Diya says:

    The shipping price is more than the actual product

  34. Diya says:

    I want a affordable humming bird feeder
    But unable to find it

  35. Wally says:

    I have the $1.00 plastic hummingbird feeder from the dollar store. Replace only when the red area fades in the hot SoCal sun. Hummingbirds enjoy feeder every day of the year rain or shine.

  36. marty says:

    I have lots and lots of flowers on the porch during the summer. Some attract the birds while others do not. Most of the feeders I’ve tried usually end up just a mess to later need cleaning, but flowers don’t need regular cleaning, just water. We get a lot of hummingbirds here and sometimes while I’m on the porch they’ll fly close to me making me mistakenly believe giant bees have invaded. I have a builtin fear of stinging insects since I one stepped on a hive as a kid and got stung all over my body. That loud buzzing sound always makes me jump.

  37. Mary says:

    I’ve never done that, but the blurb for a window-mounted hummer feeder cautioned that you should immediately move the feeder elsewhere if the birds start crashing into the window (which breaks their bills and necks!), or else try putting up decals so it doesn’t look like a fly-through opportunity. I decided not get one, because I have several old plant-hanger hooks up on the privacy fence that I can use, and I can see visitors from inside the house. But I guess it’s doable, if you’re very cautious.

  38. Pam says:

    I purchased a 4 oz plum-colored “Humm Blossom” feeder last fall because we had so much rain that my salvia didn’t bloom (too little sun). My hummers depend on the salvia in late Sept to Oct before they migrate out of state (I live in VA). I wanted something small so I wasn’t tossing nectar with every cleaning (I usually have only one bird but this year I have had a male and two females). The birds found it right away and they have no problem getting at the nectar. It has a perch, 3 ports and a center brass hook. I love it. I used it all summer this year. It doesn’t leak and is near empty by the time I clean it so I have very little waste. I have had a few very small ants find it but when they do, I shift where I hang it. My humming birds hand out in my crepe myrtle trees so I shift it around in those. I will probably buy another because the dominant female is aggressive! They divided my yard in two but I have only one feeder. As for flowers that they like, I highly recommend planting pineapple sage and allowing it to bloom. It has bright red trumpet-shaped flowers and they LOVE it. It has the added benefit of not blooming until late Sept-early October when there is little else available.

  39. Lynn Coulter says:

    I haven’t heard back so am leaving my query here. Can you place a hummingbird feeder near a window or is this dangerous for the birds.

  40. Charlene OBrien Roy says:

    I will be ordering from for sure

  41. Charlene OBrien Roy says:

    Hi – thanks for your info – I will be ordering from your link for sure. It is so difficult to find a feeder that doesn’t leak

  42. Douglas Swinhart says:

    I can’t believe “The Hummingbird Feeder” ( isn’t even mentioned! Especially as it “SHOULD BE LISTED AS #1. The only Hummingbird feeder I know of 1.) Made in the USA 2.) Comes with a “no questions asked LIFETIME GUARANTY – REPLACEMENT. How could possibly have missed this fine product???

  43. Naota says:

    I have the dish one from this photo. Works great. i previously used bottle style but they just gave me too many problems. I know when I started I was worried that the hummers couldn’t get the nectar at the bottom of the dish. They totally can

  44. Sharon Aumani says:

    Awe….I vaguely remember that happening a long time ago, too….I must have been trying a different feeder.

  45. Sharon Aumani says:

    I get growing problems with ants and wasps during certain seasons, so I taper the hummingbirds’ dependence on their feeder this time of year [especially since there is plenty else for them to choose from with “Bee Balm” and “Hot Lips” Salvia, etc. that they love]. Also, our summers can get hot and it is work keeping up with cleaning/re-supplying of sugar water [as you stated, extremely important b/c the black mold that quickly develops can be deadly to them]. But, if you are going to feed hummingbirds through the summer, I liked the suggestion of having a few dispersed in the yard.

    I have year round hummingbirds.When winter temperatures drop more than normal [to freezing] here in Oregon, I do my best to keep up with changing out the hummingbird feeders, as the sugar water freezes up, because the hummingbirds’ lives are depending on a food source & a little shelter/place to rest! For that purpose, I love these old, traditional, thick glassed, cheaper ones; but, made with the wide mouth [for easier filling]. I, too, see it helpful for the hummers to have a place to rest [especially those windy cold winter days] and they seem to love sucking the nectar from the little flowers with the cage like centers.The only thing I find myself annoyed with is the little centers sometimes fall out & get lost and I don’t ever see replacements offered for sale. I don’t have a picture handy, but it is a commonly sold feeder.

    Also: spreading the word for all hummingbird fans: I almost purchased preying mantis [? – egg doesn’t seem the right term, but can’t think of what you call it] from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Had I purchased it, in about two weeks I would have released something like 150 preying mantis [that is the part that concerned me without researching further and thank goodness I did!]. I knew that preying mantis also ate some “good” bugs, but I never knew that they preyed on hummingbirds. In fact, that is one of the hummingbirds’ main predators! I know how quick they strike. After reading that, I came across a picture of one sitting on one edge of the feeder as the hummingbird was feeding….horrifying thought! I think I’ll stick with annual nematode spraying and ladybugs!

  46. Lynne says:

    Find a Wild Birds Unlimited in your area. They have electric heaters that attach to the bottom of the birdfeeder to keep it warm in winter.

  47. Brenda says:

    We have a glass-blown, beautiful feeder that the hummingbirds love. Unfortunately two of the glass blossom stems have broken due to my clumsiness!. Is it possible to buy just the glass stems as I don’t want to replace the whole feeder? And, if so, where?

  48. Joyce hurt says:

    We have a little guy that stays all winter.. and it gets cold here.. we have been wrapping feeder in old heat producing Christmas lights but can’t find replacement bulbs.. hear there is a feeder with a built in heater.. are you familiar with this feeder?

  49. Lori says:

    First nature is my favorite, very inexpensive and it works great.

  50. Gerri says:

    Here is a picture of one.

  51. gerri says:

    You can find these feeders on Ebay..Just type in Woodstream Hummingbird feeders.

  52. GianniBoy says:

    The Hummzinger HighView is a GREAT feeder. It is attractive, durable and easy to clean. The high quality red plastic remains bright year after year, the clear plastic remains crystal clear year after year and the ant moat also serves as a water source for small birds like Chickadees. NEVER put anything other than fresh water in the moat! When refilling the feeders, it is very easy to check for white/black mold. A Q-tip can be useful for cleaning the ports because sometimes mold can form there during very hot weather. If you have a problem with bees getting into the ports, Aspects also makes disposable inserts for the nectar ports that solve this issue. I use over 20 of these feeders at various locations, and I am always happy when I see the little guys resting on the high perch. It means that they are quite comfortable and are not wasting precious energy hovering while they feed. HOWEVER, I DO OCCASIONALLY HAVE A HUMMINGBIRD THAT POKES AROUND AT THE CLEAR PLASTIC ON THE BOTTOM OF THE FEEDER IN AN ATTEMPT TO GET AT THE NECTAR, NOT REALIZING THAT THE PORTS ARE ON TOP. THIS IS FRUSTRATING AND EACH TIME THIS HAPPENS THE BIRD GIVES UP AFTER A FEW SECONDS AND NEVER RETURNS. SO, I TOO, AM SEARCHING A BOTTLE TYPE FEEDER THAT HAS A FAKE FLOWER AT THE BASE. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF SUCH A FEEDER? I THINK THAT THOSE HUMMINGBIRDS THAT CAN’T FIGURE OUT THE HUMMZINGER WOULD HAVE BETTER LUCK WITH THIS TYPE, AT LEAST UNTIL THEY COULD OBSERVE OTHERS FEEDING QUITE COMFORTABLY ON THE HIGHVIEW!

  53. charlotte Erbland says:

    the simpler the better Have had hummies for years they prefer the simple plastic bottle from Wal Mart Enjoy

  54. E G sinclair says:

    I have a feeder with a perch that is greatly used. One problem. There is one hummer that goes to the bottom of the feeder and tries to feed from the rim. Is there a feeder that will solve this problem. She never gets fed and I watch her go to the neighbor and she does the same thing.

    • Scott says:

      I’m not aware of such a feeder, but there are hundreds of different options so there may be something that caters toward this specific hummer!

  55. Joanne says:

    Standing cypress is the best flower for hummingbirds in ever had, liatris bulbs second. I live in colorado. Along front range.

  56. I do like it when you mentioned the two types of hummingbird feeders, but what interested me was the dish feeder since it is a good choice due to the idea that it is easy to clean and tends to have no leak problems. It might be good to consider this since if it does not leak, then I am sure that bees won’t come to it. I want to make sure that the birdfeeder I will get will only feed the birds. Anyway, thank you for the info.

    • Scott says:

      My favorite hummingbird feeders are typically a dish style, for exactly those two reasons. They are easier to clean and don’t leak. You’re welcome! Thank you for commenting. 🙂

  57. Chip Moatz says:

    The BEST hummer feeder is no longer made. It was sold by Perky Pet and Duncraft. Perhaps originally from Woodstream Corp. .
    It was a round (or teardrop/pear-shaped) glass feeder without perches. The lack of perches kept all the other birds from monopolizing the feeder. The hummers could feed, while flying/hovering at their leasure!!!!!!!!!! It kept the woodpeckers away!!!
    I think the part number was OPUS447. I am heart broken these went out of production.
    If anyone knows of a comparable feeder, please chime in.

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