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My name is Scott, and however you made it to my site, I’m glad you’re here.


If you are looking for proven and effective ways to attract birds and wildlife to your backyard, then you have come to the right place!


I am slowly transforming our one-acre urban backyard in Akron, Ohio into a place that birds want to visit. My goal is to have 100 different bird species on my “Yard List” (Which is how many birds that I’ve observed in my backyard).


Please know that I am not an expert!


But I am someone who is passionate about bringing more nature into my backyard and was frustrated by the lack of consolidated information regarding backyard bird watching.


I have a long way to go, but I am learning an incredible amount every day, which serves as the basis for what typically gets shared and written about on Bird Watching HQ.


Currently, there are close to 50 articles available to read, and the database is growing each month.


I know that is a lot of information and it’s hard to know where to start. Keep reading, and I will offer a few of my most popular posts to see what interests you most. Some of these articles are great places to begin because they link to related content.


Here is my promise regarding EVERY article you will find on Bird Watching HQ:


To the best of my knowledge and ability, every post will be as complete and thorough as possible.


I sincerely believe in quality, not quantity. A pet peeve of mine are websites that post sub-par content continuously just to attract clicks.


I am currently only able to produce about two new articles per month. Each one averages over 2,000 words and takes around 20 hours to research, experiment, write, edit, etc.


My worst fear is you read one of my posts and say “Wow, Scott must have been in a rush for this one,” or you leave feeling dissatisfied and you need to do additional research.


Seriously, if you feel anything on Bird Watching HQ is lacking value, please tell me!!!


What are you looking for? What interests you most?


Here’s some of my most popular and favorite content. I think it gives a sampling of what you will receive from BWHQ. For more about me and my mission for this site, click here.


Finding the BEST bird feeders for your backyard:


Squirrels! Do you love them or hate them?


How to Attract Hummingbirds:


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