Worksheets to Use With the Live Animal Cameras

People use and interact with the live animal cameras that stream to Bird Watching HQ in many different ways.


For example, I have heard from teachers that use the cameras in their classrooms, to retirement homes that play scavenger hunt games with the birds, to cat lovers who like to leave something on for their beloved pets during the day. 🙂


To help facilitate some learning and activities, I have started compiling worksheets that can be used with your group while watching. Please check back often as I will keep adding in the future.


#1. Bird Scavenger Hunt (Ohio feeder camera)


#2. Animal Scavenger Hunt (Ohio ground camera)

  • Click HERE to download the PDF!

  • This worksheet should be used with the Akron, Ohio animal camera, which is located on the ground. You can expect to see common ground foraging birds native to the Eastern United States. Plus you can watch many mammals. During the day there are squirrels and chipmunks. At night, you can see opossums, skunks, raccoons, rabbits, and deer with the camera’s incredible night vision! View the live camera HERE.


#3. Bird Scavenger Hunt (Czech Republic feeder camera)