Welcome to Bird Watching HQ!


My name is Scott and I absolutely love bird watching! I consider myself a beginner and have a lot to learn.


I am in my early thirties, trying to balance my love of birding with life’s other responsibilities. Mainly my beautiful family, friends, health and work.


I have one beautiful two year old daughter who is in training to become the next great birder. So far she does a pretty spot on “tweet tweet” and is working on her life list. I’m assuming that Big Bird counts, right?!


I have been married to my wife over 5 wonderful years. So far, she has not caught the birding bug quite like me, but she does enjoy watching our bird feeder’s, being outside and making fun of me when bird sounds start playing in my car instead of music.

I created Bird Watching HQ for a few reasons:


1. To track and record my personal birding journey.  Every month I post an update on what I have been up too, how many birds I saw, and how many were added to my life list!


2. To promote the awesome and amazing hobby of birding.  My belief is that the more people that we can get interested in birds and bird watching, the more people we will have on our side to promote conservation and help save the wild lands that birds (and mammals, people, etc) rely upon. Lets create an army together!


3. To create a useful and entertaining website that can a resource for birders of all experience levels and ages.  Selfishly, creating this site will keep improving my own birding skills (which are desperately needed!). I need to get ready for my own “Big Year” someday!

I have a confession.


My favorite birds are penguins and it’s not even close.


Ever since watching “March of the Penguins” I have been hooked. All of my friends and family know this about me and penguins have been a part of everything in my life from birthdays to Halloween to my wedding!


One of my big birding goals is to see all 17 species of penguin.


They range from the Galapagos Islands to the coasts of South America and Africa to Antarctica to New Zealand and Australia. I can’t wait to travel to all these places to witness the greatest flightless bird that has ever roamed the planet!!


Sadly, other than in zoo’s and on TV, I have never seen a penguin. I am hoping to change that relatively soon. My hope is that this website will help me get there.


I am always on the hunt for penguin news, video’s or awesome pictures. Please share if you find something good!

Not sure where to get started?


First, check out my “Start Here” page for some of my favorite and most popular articles.


Second, my advice is to subscribe to my email list at the top. You will get notified every time a life changing post is created! And also all the other ones 🙂


Lastly, please contact me if you have any suggestions or want to get in touch.


Thanks again for stopping by.