American Robin Calls & Songs (Learn 4 Sounds)

Being an excellent forager, American Robins are widespread and well known for their bright orange chest. These large songbirds prefer open woodlands but will live in cities or mountainous forests too. Their diet can include anything from earthworms to berries.

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American Robins have an interesting way of parenting, where the female raises the young from egg to fledgling. Then the male raises them from fledgling to the time they are ready to be on their own. While the male is doing this the female is preparing to raise another brood.

American Robin CALLS:

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Sound #1: Cheerily Song

This is the song that will wake you up in the spring as the American Robin sings in the new day. It is only appropriate that this rise and falling of 10 whistles is described as ‘cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheerily, cheer up.’ Do you hear it?

Sound # 2: The Whinny

This sound is sometimes described as a horse’s whinny, this song can sometimes be made by a startled American Robin. It can also be two American Robins communicating.

Sound #3: ‘Cuck’

These mumbled cluck noises that American Robins make are usually communication between each other. This cluck noise can also be an alarm call given to warn others.

Sound #4: Alarm Call ‘Seer’

American Robins have a variety of songs and calls that they make. This ‘seer’ call you might hear from a female if you come close to an active nest. The female may also clack her bill in an attempt to scare you away.

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