3 Calls that Barred Owls Make! (2024)

Barred Owls can easily be identified by their “who cooks for you” hoot. Despite that easily identifiable hoot, they can be troublesome to find in the woods because of their amazing camouflage.

how to attract owls

Living in mature forests usually near water, Barred Owls can pass noiselessly through woods and perch unnoticed, sleeping in the trees. Originally only found in Eastern North America, Barred Owls have recently expanded their range towards the Pacific coast and into California.


  • Make sure to press PLAY on the audio files below. 🙂

Sound #1: “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?”

‘Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?’ This easily mimicked hoot can be heard throughout the woods, sometimes miles away from where the Barred Owl is perching. Now try saying the phrase while the owl hoots it. Can you call to a Barred Owl?

Sound #2:  “Hoots”

Although Barred Owls are known for their famous ‘Who cooks for you all?’ hoot, they also make other hoots like this one.

Sound #3: “Male-Female courtship duet”

Courtship duets can be any combination of noises, from hoots to cackles, caws, and gurgles. In the above clip, at the 1:15 mark, you will hear a combination of those noises as two owls start the courtship ritual.

Have you ever heard the calls and sounds of a Barred Owl before?

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