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  1. Question: For years I have had humming bird feeders outside my window. I live in Monterey, Ca so have visitors year round. This year, I have one bird who won’t leave the feeder and chases other birds away. Literally will NOT leave! Never seen this behavior before.
    Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. Saw around 50-60 or so White American Pelicans feeding furiously on Barnett Lake in Lacombe County – just on the outskirts of the town of Lacombe. Their habitat is shrinking around here with continuous development of the bigger lakes so I guess they are forced to go to this smallish lake /pond.

  3. Just saw about six white pelicans at the tip of Point Pelee on Lake Erie. Had no idea there were pelicans in Ontario!

  4. My problem is that no birds come at all. I had 8 or 9 species the first day I put up my Droll Yankee feeder filled with newly bought safflower/blackoiled sunflower mix. But after the first day, no one ever again. This happened also at our house next door, where we lived for a time. I washed the bird feeder before putting it back up. There may be hawks in a tall tree nearby, but NO BIRDS EVER, of ANY SPECIES?? The bird seed came from a reputable lawn and garden store, but they also sell mulch and fertilizer. Could there be some kind of odor that seeped into the seed and is off-putting to the birds? I’m so discouraged. Thoughts, anyone? (We live in Houston, TX, where any day is a good day for birds).

  5. Morning Scott, this is Gary from Youngstown. well after eagerly waiting my hummingbirds are back! I’ve noticed my younger Downies are steady sucking the nector out of there feeders.I know I mix up some great suet lol but I’m still fairly new at this. Is this common? I’m assumming it can’t harm them. I’ve got some beautiful Orioles coming for fresh oranges also. As always thanks for your advice.

  6. Thank you for your advice. I have 6 20 foot evergreens 100 feet from the back of my yard. This is my 1st year feeding birds and I enjoy watching them daily through my high powered binoculars. I have 4 double hook Shepard hooks with feeders set up as well as a heated bird bath. I have 2 squirrel proof feeders, 1 tube feeder, 2 open tray feeders and 1 dome covered feeder, plus 2 suet feeders. Everything was going great I would see all kinds of woodpeckers, cardinals, and and typical small birds in an Illinois backyard and was loving it. Now the starlings have taken over. I read to switch to black oil sunflower seed, but they have been eating that. I placed in she’ll peanuts out and they are eating those, they even eat the plain suet, striped sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, they are evil! They come every morning and wipe my open tray feeders out, dirty up and pretty much empty the heated bird bath, then they sit on my 6foot fence just behind the feeding area to intimidate any squirrels or songbirds that dare enter this area. I need your help! The only thing I have tried are your caged feeders. QUESTION!? SHOULD I REMOVE WATER FROM THE BIRD BATH TO DISCOURAGE THEM? Besides the caged tube feeder and that trough feeder and switching to the striped sunflower seeds and safflower seeds strictly what else can I do? How long will it take for those nasty birds to go away? In the mean time how do I feed my cardinals and Doves? They strictly eat off the ground, they never go to the feeders. It’s only in the single digits here and in the negative digits at night. I want my songbirds to have food and water soon without being hassled by those aggressive bad birds.
    Thank you!

  7. Our Sped Science class has enjoyed watching all your birds that come to your feeders. We view every morning at appropriately 9:45 CST. We try to identify the different ones. Thank you so much for putting this live stream. We would like to know what bird you feel is the most unique? We also are curious about the temperature.

    1. Hello Zella and class! That is really amazing that you watch every day to try and learn. Mornings are typically when the most species and variety come to the feeders. I just published a video today that has 8 different species appear in the first minute of the video, it might be fun to try and identify them. The most unique bird is hard to answer because each one has qualities that make them interesting. As far as birds that regularly come to the feeders, Blue Jays are probably my favorite because of their high intelligence and ability to mimic sounds of other birds, like hawks. I’m hoping I can get an owl to visit the heated birdbath at night on the ground cam. Red-bellied woodpeckers are extremely beautiful. As far as woodpeckers go, getting a giant pileated woodpecker would be incredible! The temperature recently has been around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, I’m hoping to have the actual temperature displayed on the stream very soon. Thanks for watching.