Blue Jay Calls (Learn 4 Common Sounds)

Blue Jays have some of the noisiest bird calls in North America!

They have multiple unique calls that are usually shouted for all to hear. If your bird feeder runs out, a Blue Jay is sure to announce it to you loudly and disapprovingly. Listen below to learn these unique Blue Jay calls.

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Blue Jay CALLS & SOngs:

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Sound #1: ‘Bubbly JEER’ Call

Blue Jays make a variety of calls that can make it difficult to identify them. What you hear above is their most common call, the ‘jeer‘. They may also whistle or make gurgling sounds.

Sound #2: Loud ‘Gaaa’

Blue Jays are known for their loud, noisy calls, and this call is no exception. This loud ‘Gaa‘ can be used to inform humans of low bird feeders. Blue Jays will also use this call to tell others about food.

Sound #3: Whisper Song

The whisper song may be the quietest sound a Blue Jay makes. It consists of clicks, whirrs, clucks, and whines and can last as long as two minutes. This song can be used for courtship or singing in general.

Sound #4: Mimicry 

A harder call to identify as a Blue Jay is when they mimic hawks. This is a Blue jay mimicking a Red-Tailed Hawk. This mimicked call is considered to be a warning call to others that danger is around.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a Blue Jay before?

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