Carolina Wren Calls (Learn their 3 sounds)

Kknown for its small size and tails that stand on end, the Carolina Wren is distinguished by its cinnamon color and white racing stripe along the eyes.

Once you know the Carolina Wren calls, you will be able to identify them year-round by ear alone.

Carolina Wren Song and CALLS:

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Sound #1: “Teakettle” Song

Carolina Wren songs are unique because they are the only wren species where the female does not sing. The male Carolina Wren is the singer in the group and will sing up to a dozen different variations of his song throughout the day.

The three-parted songs can be compared to sounding like “teakettle teakettle” or “germany germany” repeated over and over in a 2 second song. You can make your own determination of what you hear.

Sound #2: “Cheer”

This sound clip starts off with the Carolina Wren chattering in the bushes. Around 2:46, you will hear a switch to this well-known “cheer” call. Despite having a large amount of calls to choose from, hearing the Carolina Wren “cheer” call is very common.

Sound #3: Carolina Wren Calls

Listen to the wide variety of calls you hear in this clip. Both males and females will call out, whether it be about food, chicks, or territory. Carolina Wrens have also been known to put on a show to distract predators. This can include slamming into hard surfaces or even drumming on Palmetto trees accompanied by one of their many calls.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a Carolina Wren before?

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