Chipping Sparrow Calls (Learn 4 unique sounds)

Chipping Sparrows are widespread and live across most of North America. Anyone who has spent time in open woodlands has heard the Chipping Sparrow call.

chipping sparrow

Chipping Sparrow SONGS AND CALLS:

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Sound #1: Mechanical Trill

This long, dry trill can be easily confused with Dark-Eyed Juncos. Sung by the male, this dry trill sounds more mechanical than musical. If it sounds like an annoying alarm, it is the Chipping Sparrow.

Sound #2: Identical Notes Trill

Sounding more musical than the first clip, this song still sounds very mechanical because the Chipping Sparrow never changes up the notes. A male will sing his song in less than 4 seconds and have around 55 identical notes in his song.

Sound #3: Contact Note

Both males and females use this call to stay in contact while foraging for seeds. This Chipping Sparrow call can be heard year-round by birders. If you hear it, keep an eye on the ground, as Chipping Sparrows are ground foragers.

Sound #4: ‘See-See-See’

During the breeding season, females will use this high pitched soft sounding ‘see-see-see‘ call. This call is used to attract the attention of a male and lets them know she is ready to breed.

Chipping Sparrows will also give a long ‘zeeee’ call as an alarm if danger is nearby.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a Chipping Sparrow before?

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