Dark-eyed Junco Calls (Learn 3 Sounds)

Dark-eyed Juncos are hardy little sparrows choosing to breed in Northern Canada, then head South for the winter, some as far as Mexico. These little snowbirds are well known across the states because they are frequent visitors to bird feeders.

Keep in mind that identifying Dark-eyed Juncos by sight may be tough at first because they can differ in color, but all males have a dark head ranging from light gray to dark black.

Dark-eyed Junco Songs and CALLS:

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Sound #1: Musical Trill

Dark-eyed Junco males sing this 2-second song in an attempt to attract a mate and protect their territory. Lasting only about 2 seconds, they can pack in anywhere from 7-23 notes per song. Be careful not to confuse this musical trill with the mechanical trill of a chipping sparrow.

Sound #2: Complex Song

Don’t let the name of this song intimidate you. Dark-eyed Juncos have a wide vocal range, allowing them to hit some really high-pitched notes. This lets them create beautiful, complex songs like this. Typically, when I hear this, I think, ‘oh, classic Dark-eyed Junco’. 

Sound #3: High ‘chip’

These simple high-pitched chip calls are sometimes made when a Dark-eyed Junco is foraging and telling others that there is food here. A Dark-eyed Junco will also give this as a faster call if they have been flushed out from a hiding spot. You may also hear a sharp but musical ‘kew‘ call given when a dominant bird is coming through.

Remember that Dark-eyed Junco calls have a wide vocal range.

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