European Starling Calls (3 COMMON Sounds)

European Starlings are one of North America’s most common songbirds and are often known for their big, noisy flocks.

european starling calls and sounds

But interestingly, starlings also have incredible vocal abilities and make various songs, calls, and sounds. They’re known to mimic many other birds and occasionally other animals, humans, and environmental noises!

European starling Calls:

Sound #1: The song

Starling songs are so varied that they can be hard to recognize! Both male and female starlings sing, but females sing more frequently in the fall. Their songs are highly diverse and usually consist of loud whistles or softer, jumbled warbling. They often include imitations of various other bird species.

Males typically direct whistled songs at other males and longer warbled songs at females. Males may also clack or rattle their bills as part of their song.

Sound #2: The flock call

Another typical sound that European Starlings make is a flock call. As a flock, they constantly chatter and are hard to miss, sometimes disturbing nearby people. Included in their flock calls, they often give a purr-like sound when they take flight and a rattling call as they join the flock on the ground.

Sound #3: “chip”

Starlings may also make metallic “chip” notes to flock mates or when mobbing predators.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a starling before?

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