3 Types of Garter Snakes in Florida (2024)

Almost everyone can identify a “garter snake” in Florida!

Common Garter Snakes in Florida

But here’s the problem:

There are multiple species and sub-species of garter snakes! Therefore, figuring out the identity of the SPECIFIC snake you are observing can be challenging. This is especially true since many of them have similar appearances and behaviors.

Today, you are going to learn about 3 garter snake species in Florida!

  • *Just a quick note – to be officially considered a garter snake, the species must be in the genus Thamnophis*

#1. Eastern Garter Snake

  • Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis

Common Garter Snakes species in Florida

Identifying Characteristics:

  • Adults typically range from 18 to 26 inches in length.
  • Coloration varies and can be mixtures of green, brown, or black. Look for a distinct yellow or whitish stripe down the center of their back.
  • Some individuals may exhibit a checkered body pattern.
  • Subspecies of the Common Garter Snake.

Eastern Garter Snakes are common and easy to locate in Florida!

In fact, they are typically the snake species that people come across the most. They are well-adapted to living around people and can often be found in city parks, farmland, cemeteries, and suburban lawns and gardens. Though it’s not required, they prefer grassy environments near freshwater sources such as ponds, lakes, ditches, and streams.

eastern garter snake range map

Look for these garter snakes in Florida basking in the sun in grassy areas near cover.

Eastern Garter Snakes will protect themselves if they are cornered or feel threatened. For example, if you capture or continually disturb one, it will defecate and release a foul-smelling musk from glands. It’s also common for them to bite as a last resort!

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The Eastern Garter Snake most commonly preys on toads, frogs, slugs, salamanders, fish, and worms. However, they are very opportunistic and will eat other insects and small animals they can overpower. They’re active during both the day and night, depending on the temperature.

These garter snakes have a high birth rate (up to 50 babies!) and adapt well to human-disturbed habitats! Because of these traits, this species is not threatened and is relatively common and widespread.

#2. Eastern Ribbon Snake

  • Thamnophis saurita

Kinds of Garter Snakes in Florida

Identifying Characteristics:

  • Adults typically range from 18 to 26 inches in length. A slender snake with a long tail!
  • Coloration is brown to nearly black with three bright yellow to cream stripes; one down the back and one down each side.
  • Snout and entire head are brownish, lips and underneath head are white.

Did you see a slender garter snake in Florida with a long tail?

If so, it was probably an Eastern Ribbon Snake!

eastern ribbon snake range map

This species is semi-aquatic and RARELY found far from a source of water. Look for them in a wide variety of habitats, including marshes, grassy floodplains, streams, ditches with grass, wet areas in meadows, and woodlands adjacent to wetlands. Ribbon snakes are even found in suburban areas that match these conditions.

If disturbed, these snakes will quickly flee into grass or brushy areas. If caught, they are not aggressive and rarely bite. But you can expect them to defecate and spray musk onto your hands. In the wild, Eastern Ribbon Snakes rely on blending into their surroundings to get away from predators.

There are THREE subspecies of Eastern Ribbon Snake that live in Florida:

#1. Common Ribbon Snake (T. s. sauritus): The pictures above display this subspecies. It is primarily found in the western panhandle.

#2. Peninsula Ribbon Snake (T. s. sackenii):

Pictured below. The middorsal stripes are fainter or lacking when compared to the Common Ribbon Snake. The most common subspecies found in Florida!

Common Florida Garter Snakes

#3. Blue-striped Ribbonsnake (T. s. nitae):

Pictured below. The lateral stripes are a beautiful blue! ONLY found along the northwest coast of Florida.

blue striped ribbon snake

#3. Blue-striped Garter Snake

  • Thamnophis sirtalis similis

blue striped garter snake - common garter snakes in Florida

Identifying Characteristics:

  • Adults are typically between 18-26 inches long.
  • Black or dark brown. The stripe on top is hard to see.
  • As the name suggests, easy to identify blue stripes on the sides.

Blue-striped Garter Snakes are ONLY found in a small part of northwest Florida! They are a subspecies of the Common Garter Snake, and it’s not understood yet why these snakes evolved to be blue! Scientists think their lineage dates back to subspecies that are not around anymore.

blue striped garter snake range map

Regardless, they are easily one of the most beautiful snakes in Florida!

Their blue sides also make them fairly easy to identify. The only confusing species is the Blue-striped Ribbonsnake, which has a similar range.

Look for them along the Gulf coast from eastern Wakulla County in the panhandle south to Hernando County.

Do you need additional help identifying garter snakes?

Try this field guide!

Which of these garter snakes have you seen in Florida?

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  1. On 6/01/22, I removed the biggest Garter Snake that I have ever seen from my neighbor’s lanai in Palm Coast , FL. It was easily over 48” long. I kick myself for not measuring it because I read that the longest GS on record (52”) had just been documented in April in south GA.