Great Gray Owl Calls (Learn 2 Common Sounds)

The Great Gray Owl is a birders dream to see in person. As one of the largest owls in North America, it is extremely elusive and hard to spot. Learning the calls of this owl will make it easier to locate the dream owl.

Below, you are going to learn how to identify the CALLS, SOUNDS, and HOOTS of a Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa). These elusive large birds are heard through the forest of Canada and Western United States.

Great Gray OWL CALLS:

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Sound #1: The Song

As one of the largest owls in North America, the Great Gray Owl song is hauntingly simple. A series of low-pitched hoo’s lasting around 6-8 seconds, this song can be heard between males and females during the breeding season. Also, to the well-trained ear, you can hear that the male’s call is lower pitched than the female’s.

Sound #2: Calls

The second sound that Great Gray Owls make is a simple increasing ‘whip’ sound. This call is typically made by adults when defending their territory or arriving at the nest with food.

Have you ever heard the songs and calls of a Great Gray Owl before?

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