House Finch Calls (Learn 3 Common Sounds)

My guess is that you have heard the calls of the House Finch before. These small red-headed birds once only lived in the Western United States, but after being released by a salesman in Long Island, NY these birds have become widespread throughout North America.

house finch

It is important to keep in mind while searching for the House Finch that the male’s coloring comes from his food, thus, he can have red, orange, or yellow coloring. Also, don’t confuse the House Finch with the Purple Finch, who has a raspberry red head, back, and breast.

House Finch CALLS:

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Sound #1: Warble

Typically only the male House Finch sings, and he will sing a jumbled warble throughout the year. These warbles are comprised of short notes, last about three seconds, and usually end in an upward or downward slur.

Compared to other finches, the House Finch song is slower, rougher, and less fluid. House Finches also slur their last notes.

Sound #2: Upward Slur Warble

Listen to this House Finch and the upward slur at the end of the warble.

Sound #3: Female Cheep

Female House Finches rarely sing, but when they do, their song will be much simpler than the male’s song. Here you hear a female House Finch calling from a tree, giving the sharp ‘cheep’ call.

A sharp ‘cheep’ call can be given in flight or while perched. A sharper-sounding ‘cheep’ might be from a House Finch that has been flushed.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a House Finch before?

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