House Sparrow Songs & Calls (2 sounds w/ AUDIO)

House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) are one of the most widespread birds in the entire world, especially in urban areas. Below, you will learn how to identify the two most common sounds that House Sparrows make, which are their SONG and CONTACT CALL.

house sparrow calls, songs, and sounds

My guess is that once you listen below, you will realize you have heard them before!

House Sparrow Calls:

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Sound #1: The song

The SONG of a House Sparrow is not very complex, making it easy to learn and recognize. Listen for a series of monotonous chirping, which is made up of many shrill “cheep” and “chirrup” notes. This simple song is mainly given by males, who repeat it non-stop at almost any time of year.

Sound #2: Contact call

The CALL of a House Sparrow is a repeated, monotonous “cheep-cheep-cheep” given by both males and females.

This noisy chirping allows House Sparrows to keep in contact with each other while resting or flocking. It can be quite loud when a group of House Sparrows gets together, which you can hear below!

Native to Eurasia and North Africa, House Sparrows are now one of the world’s most widespread and abundant birds. Listen closely next time you are watching the news, and they are reporting internationally, as it’s common to hear House Sparrows chirping in the background, no matter the location! These adaptable birds owe their success to the fact they thrive living where other birds can’t, which is around humans!

Watch the short video below for more examples of calls and sounds from a House Sparrow.

YouTube video


Have you ever heard the calls and sounds of a House Sparrow before?

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