Lesser Goldfinch Calls (Learn 4 unique sounds)

Living in the Southwestern USA all the way down to South America, the Lesser Goldfinch is a common bird to be seen at bird feeders. These little birds can be confused with other similar-sized birds like the Lawerence Goldfinch and the Pine Siskin, but the Lesser Goldfinch is the only one with a green (almost mossy) looking back and a black cap on its head.

Lesser Goldfinch SONGS AND CALLS:

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Sound #1: Jumbled Song

The Lesser Goldfinch song is described as a jumbled mess of clear notes and wheezes and that is exactly what you are hearing here. A male will create a song of his own by combining wheezes, clear notes, and even other birdsongs.

Sound #2: Clear Song

Here is a great example of the clearness that the Lesser Goldfinch can sing with. You can also hear that this individual is using parts of other species’ bird songs to create a unique version of his song.

Sound #3: Male Courtship Call

Males use a certain call during courtship to let females know they are ready to breed. Listening closely, you can hear the ‘Tee-yer‘ of the Lesser Goldfinch call. It typically descends in sound and is ‘wheezy’.

Sound #4: Flight Call

Lesser Goldfinches have a very specific flight call where it sounds like they are saying ‘chit-chit-chit‘ over and over. Knowing the flight call of the Lesser Goldfinch will help in identifying them when they are mingling in a flock of similar birds.

Lesser Goldfinches also give a wheezy descending contact call when mingling with a group of birds. Since the Lesser Goldfinch likes to mingle with other species, it is important to be able to pick out their calls and songs from the large flock of birds.

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