3 kinds of Osprey Calls (Learn their sounds!)

Living near the water, Osprey are known for their amazing fishing skills.

Ospreys are well known and so easily spotted near water that even most non-birders know them.

Osprey CALLS:

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Sound #1: Threat Call

Osprey calls are made up of fairly simple chirps and whistles, but different combinations mean different things. This threat call almost sounds like a tea kettle building up its whistle, then being whisked off the stove. An Osprey may give this call when an unfamiliar bird is flying near the nest.

Sound #2: Simple Chirps

You can hear the simple chirps of the Osprey in this clip. When recorded, the bird calling out was sitting on a nest, and two others were flying nearby. This could have been a warning call or could have been a communication call with its mate.

Sound #3: Display Call

Osprey mates reunite each year and start a three-week mating ritual where calls like these are made. The male will also bring fish for the female and spend time on the nest with her.

Once you know what an Osprey sounds like, finding them and identifying them will be easy. Next time you are near the water, look up for an Osprey nest on the tops of trees and poles.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of an Osprey before?

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