Ostrich Sounds (Learn 3 Common Calls)

Everyone knows that the Ostrich is the largest bird in the world, but do you know what they sound like?

Ostrich CALLS:

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Sound #1: Rattle

Depending on the time of year, Ostriches can travel as individuals, in small family/mating groups, or in large groups of 50 or more birds. The call you hear above is from a male Ostrich. His rattle is considered a sound of aggression.

Sound #2: Booms

This strange sound is indeed a male Ostrich call. This boom is a males way of alerting females that he is ready to mate.

When a male approaches ‘booming’, the female will assess his coloring and plumage. If she approves he will start running, which allows the male to show off his speed and stamina.

If he passes that test then the male will kneel down and spread out his wings in his final mating dance. The female will start flicking her wings if she approves.

Sound #3: Gurgle

This gurgle call is made by females and chicks alike and is used for communication in the flock.

An adult female Ostrich may also hiss.

During mating seasons, ostriches live within a family/mating group and will have a communal nest with up to a dozen eggs in it (each egg weighing 3 lbs). The male will sit on the nest at night and the females will take turns sitting on it during the day.

After 40 days, the eggs will hatch, and in a month, the chicks will be able to run as fast as the adults (45 mph).

Have you heard the calls and sounds of an Ostrich before?

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