Pigeon Calls, Coos, & Sounds (w/ audio clips)

The sounds and calls of pigeons are common at feeders and in cities worldwide.  But even though they are common, pigeons are often overlooked by most people. Below you will learn THREE of their most common noises!

pigeon calls, coos, sounds

Just so you know, pigeons are officially called Rock Doves or Rock Pigeons (Columba livia). 🙂

Pigeon Calls, coos, and sounds:

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Sound #1: Cooing

Pigeons are best known for their quintessential cooing song. These birds give a series of throaty coos, usually while strutting, bowing, fanning their tail, and inflating their throat. The song may sound like “coo, roo-c’too-coo” and is often used by males to display to females and to threaten other males in the area.

When trying to attract a mate, pigeons also make a continuous, prolonged cooing sound. This call is often made while sitting at the nest.

Sound #2: Alarm call

Rock Pigeons may also give an alarm call, typically a short grunt that may sound like “oorhh.”

Sound #3: Wing beating

If you spend any time around pigeons, you may notice a variety of other noises. Rock Pigeons often beat their wingtips together when taking off, stamp their feet, hiss, or snap their bills.

The wing beating makes a loud slapping sound as the pigeons take off. They make the sound by slapping their muscles and stiff wing tips together on the upswing of a flap. The sound is often made to warn other pigeons of danger as they take off. However, males will also beat their wings while taking off as part of a post-mating display.

You may also hear a whistling sound as Rock Pigeons take off. This sound also serves to warn other pigeons of possible danger. It’s created by air passing through a section of their wingtip that is less stiff than the rest.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a pigeon before?

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