Red-Winged Blackbird Calls (Learn 4 common sounds)

Finding a Red-Winged Blackbird is very easy once you know their calls and what they look like.

In the spring time head into a marshy area, and it is very likely you will hear the loud squeal of the Red-Winged Blackbird.

Locating them is fairly simple as they usually sit high up on reeds or in treetops and dance a little when they call, showing off their bright red colors.

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Red-Winged Blackbird CALLS and Songs:

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Sound #1: Males Song

Male Red-Winged Blackbirds sing this very noisy song that can be compared to ‘conk-la-ree‘ if you listen closely. Usually only lasting seconds, the male will then add on any trills he feels are required.

Sound #2: Males Song with Trills

Listen above, and you can hear how this male has added in extra trills at the end to create a more unique song for himself. Now imagine while the males are making this ‘conk-la-ree’ song, they are also puffing up their chest, spreading out their tail feathers, spreading their wings, and sometimes bobbing around.

Sound #3: Male and Female Duet

After the males ‘conk-la-ree’ song, you can hear the female calling back her response in a rapid-fire ‘chit’ song.

SOUND #4: Year Round Call

The calls of Red-Winged Blackbirds can be fairly easy to recognize once you know it. This ‘chit’ call can be made year-round between males and females or within flocks. It can also be used as an alarm call when given intensely or scolding-like.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a Red-Winged Blackbird before?

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