2 Types of Snakes Found on Curaçao! (2024)

Below you will learn about the types of snakes found in Curaçao.

Because of the geographic isolation of the islands, there are not as many snake species as you might expect here.

2 SNAKES that live in Curaçao:

#1. Three-scaled Ground Snake

  • Erythrolamprus triscalis

snakes in curacao

Found only on the island of Curaçao.

Identifying Characteristics:

  • Their coloration is typically tan or light brown with darker brown lines and markings.

Three-scaled Ground Snakes are a member of a genus of snakes known as “false coral snakes.” Many members of the genus are believed to have coloration that mimics the coloration of venomous coral snakes.

These snakes in Curaçao feed on large insects, mice, small rats, and lizards. They constrict and kill their prey before swallowing it whole. After a good meal, these snakes sometimes remain immobile for up to two weeks.

Three-scaled Ground Snakes are listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List.

#2. Whitenose Blind Snake

  • Liotyphlops albirostris

Due to their rarity, the above picture is not a Whitenose Blind Snake, although it looks very similar.

Identifying Characteristics:

  • Adults are 5.1-10.2 cm (2-4 in) long.
  • The body shape is worm-like, and they are easily mistaken for earthworms.

It is really hard to see these SMALL snakes in Curaçao.

That’s because Whitenose Blind Snakes spend the majority of their life underground. To find one, you typically must look in moist soil and under logs and stones. Even then, these snakes are so small they are easy to miss.

Because Whitenose Blind Snakes spend most of their life underground, they don’t have very good eyesight. Take one look at them, and you will notice they look more like small worms than the other snakes that live in Curaçao. 🙂

There isn’t a lot known about their abundance, ecology, or distribution due to their secretive nature. But their main source of food tends to be the larvae of ants and termites.

Despite its rather creepy appearance, this snake is completely harmless to humans.

Which of these snakes have you seen before in Curaçao?

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