Spring Peeper Calls and Sounds (w/ audio examples)

Below you can listen to a Spring Peeper’s calls and sounds. These beautiful little frogs are the first amphibians to appear each spring in much of North America, and their chorus is a sure sign that warm weather is approaching.

spring peeper calls and sounds


Spring Peeper Calls:

Make sure to press PLAY on the video below to hear the audio. 🙂

YouTube video


Spring Peepers get their name from their distinctive sounds. Listen for a series of high-pitched whistles that are typically made at night, especially early evening. They’re thought to sound a bit like baby chickens’ peeps, and they are most often heard in late winter or early spring!


Their calls are very distinctive, and once you know what to listen for, these frogs are very easy to identify by sound.


Spring Peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) are almost always heard near bodies of water suitable for breeding and laying eggs. Males start calling in late winter or early spring to attract females and to warn other rivals they are nearby. Sometimes you can hear Spring Peepers calling while there is still snow on the ground!


But interestingly, after the breeding season is over, these tree frogs head back into the forest, where they are most frequently found hiding in leaf litter.

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