6 BEST Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders [That Work in 2024]

LOTS of bird feeders claim to be squirrel-proof.

The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

It’s an effective marketing term because companies know it’s something everyone wants to hear. But finding a squirrel-proof bird feeder that actually works is challenging.

Think about it:

The feeder has to allow birds to feed comfortably AND stop squirrels from eating.

But squirrels are smart, especially when it comes to eating from your bird feeders. They are patient, athletic, acrobatic, relentless, and also feature sharp teeth that can chew through almost anything.

After experimenting at my home, talking to other backyard birders, reading books, and doing my diligent research online, I have made my list of the BEST squirrel-proof bird feeders.

The 6 Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

#1. Absolute II Bird Feeder

Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

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The Absolute II is one of my favorite bird feeders and the center of my backyard feeding station.

But how does it prevent squirrels?

The Absolute II has WEIGHT-SENSITIVE feeding perches. This means that birds can land on the perches without a problem. But as soon as a squirrel steps on, the perches collapse down, which closes access to the food inside!

Here’s a video showing how the weight-sensitive perches work:

*You can typically see this squirrel-proof feeder on my bird feeder camera!Watch LIVE here*

Almost all birds that come to your backyard are much lighter than squirrels. For example, Blue Jays weigh approximately 3 oz, and they are one of the larger birds that visit backyard feeders. But the common Gray Squirrel weighs anywhere between 14 oz to 29 oz, which is more massive than almost every common feeder bird.

Here are some other reasons why I recommend the Absolute II:

  • This large hopper bird feeder is where I put my general bird seed mix (sunflower, peanut pieces, safflower, and white millet) to attract as many species as possible. I love that it holds up to 12 pounds (5.4 kg) of bird food!
  • It is simple to refill and clean. The top lid unlatches easily to open.
  • The seed is protected from the rain. Therefore, I have no problems with seed spoilage due to moisture or dampness.
  • The perches are adjustable to different weight sensitivities, which allows you to also prevent large and medium-sized birds (like blackbirds!) from eating.
  • It’s made of steel. This fact is important because the hard metal prevents squirrels from chewing their way inside.

#2. Yankee Flipper by Droll Yankees

yankee flipper - spinning squirrel proof bird feeder

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The Yankee Flipper gets my vote for the most FUN squirrel-proof bird feeder!

How does it prevent squirrels?

Believe it or not, this feeder SPINS squirrels off when they try to eat! When enough weight is put on the perches, the internal, battery-powered motor comes alive and gently tosses the squirrels from the feeder.

Don’t worry; birds are light enough to feed and not set off the motor.

Since the tube is 21 inches (53 cm) in length, it’s long enough that squirrels can’t hang down from the top to eat without activating the feeder and making it spin. I also like that it also holds up to 5 pounds (2.3 kg) of bird food, so you shouldn’t have to refill it every day.

The biggest complaint with the Yankee Flipper is the constant need to recharge the battery. In addition, after a few years, you will eventually need to replace the battery. The exact lifespan depends on how often the motor is activated to spin.

After a bit of time, the hope is that you will have trained your squirrels that it’s not possible to eat from this feeder.

Can you imagine something more entertaining than watching squirrels try to eat, only to be gently tossed off? Check out the video below and tell me you didn’t smile. 🙂

YouTube video

Droll Yankee’s offers a Lifetime Warranty on any parts damaged by squirrels and a 1-year warranty on the electronic components for the Yankee Flipper.

#3. Audubon Caged Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

bird feeders that prevent squirrels

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One look at this bird feeder, and you know how it prevents squirrels!

The cage openings measure 1.5 in x 1.5 in (3.8 cm), which is too small for squirrels to fit through (except for the smaller American Red Squirrel).

Caged feeders only let small songbirds through, such as finches, chickadees, small woodpeckers, and sparrows. Larger birds, such as cardinals, jays, and doves, are not going to be able to use it. In addition, starlings and grackles, which can cause problems at feeders, also can’t fit inside!

By not letting squirrels or larger birds eat, you will be amazed at how much LESS bird seed this feeder uses. I only have to fill it up every few days, and that is after many smaller birds have been visiting.

This specific feeder from Audubon holds about 1.25 lbs (.5 kg) of bird food and features 4 feeding ports.

#4. Brome Squirrel Buster Standard

YouTube video


When it comes to squirrel-proof bird feeders, Brome is one of the best and most trusted brands available. The company’s specialty is stopping squirrels, and basically, every style of feeder they offer does not allow these rodents to eat!

Once you see how Brome products work, it’s easy to see why squirrels can’t eat. The weight of a squirrel anywhere on the feeder body closes access to the seed ports.

The reason I chose the Squirrel Buster Standard is simple. It works as advertised, and I have owned it for a few years and have never once seen a squirrel eating on it.

Here is the ONLY thing I don’t like:

It requires a bit of work to refill the feeder.

brome feeder

To accomplish this, I have to take the top off to get access to the tube, typically putting the parts on the grass as I am refilling (see photo above). Winter is when I notice the extra effort the most because I have to take my gloves off. As a result, my hands get cold, and I am always afraid I will lose a part in the snow.

If you’re not a fan of this specific feeder, Brome makes quite a few others, WHICH ALL PREVENT SQUIRRELS. The links below will take you to Amazon to see the prices.

#5. Brome Squirrel Solution 200

bird feeders that don't let squirrels eat

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The Squirrel Solution is another fantastic squirrel-proof feeder made by Brome. When a squirrel grabs onto the feeder, the metal cage slides down, preventing access to the food inside! And since the outside is made of metal, squirrels can’t chew through it either.

Personally, I like the appearance of this feeder and the fact it holds up to 3.4 pounds (1.5 kg) of bird food. There are also six feeding ports, which provide ample space for multiple birds to eat.

As with all products from Brome, it features a limited lifetime guarantee against defective parts or squirrel damage. Call them if it breaks, and they will send out a replacement piece.

#6. Brome Squirrel Buster Plus

brome squirrel buster


The Brome Squirrel Buster Plus is definitely one of the BEST squirrel-proof feeders!

It’s weight-sensitive, allowing birds to feed, but it instantly closes with the weight of a squirrel. It features six seed ports, holds about 5 lbs (2.3 kg) of seed, and has one continuous perch around the entire base.

Here’s a great video of the Squirrel Buster Plus in action!

YouTube video

Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders Will Save You Money

If you hadn’t noticed, the best squirrel-proof feeders above are not the cheapest. It’s true; you will pay more money to make sure these ravenous rodents can’t access your bird food.

That’s why buying a squirrel-proof bird feeder is truly an investment.

I’m not sure exactly how much food a squirrel eats per day, as it varies between different species, but I do know that it is way more than your typical bird. If these voracious furballs get full access to your feeders, they are going to consume A LOT of pricey bird food. After a while, this puts a severe dent in your wallet.

Purchasing an effective squirrel-proof bird feeder will save you money by not allowing squirrels to eat and waste half of your food.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

As you can tell, I am a big believer in purchasing a squirrel-proof bird feeder, and this list of the best should give you a great start to finding the perfect addition to your backyard.

But squirrels are a worthy opponent. They are not defeated easily, and they will not let their free and easy food get taken away without a fight!

In my backyard, I combine squirrel-proof bird feeders along with a few other strategies to help control them. Having multiple approaches seems to work best when trying to defeat these relentless and determined mammals.

Before you go, can you help make this article better and answer these questions?

What squirrel-proof bird feeders do you recommend?

Thanks for reading, and good luck!


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  1. Thank you for your very informative article. I purchased a Brome Squirrel Buster Plus and think it is very well constructed and holds plenty of feed. Does its job in keeping the squirrels out. I also installed one of those cylinder tubes on the pole as well which works great. I was thinking about getting the Yankee Flipper by Droll Yankees but after reading customer reviews on Amazon about how the company handles warranty claims and their lack of responsiveness quickly turned me away. I think they shouldn’t be included as one of your recommended products. An expensive, fun product with lousy support.

  2. I have something similar to the Squirrel Solution 200 that was only about $20 (mark down) at Walmart, and it has been amazing! (We did have one very smart squirrel that was able to unscrew the top, but still couldn’t reach the food, so he gave up.) It’s easy to fill, sturdy, and always has visitors. I love this feeder! PS – I don’t like the Yankee Flipper at all. It’s cruel and NOT funny. Frankly, we love our squirrels and we have squirrel feeders just for them.

  3. I own three Brome Squirrel Solution 200 feeders. The squirrels that visit our yard do not even try to steal seed from these well made and effective feeders.

  4. Love my Absolutes! No squirrels and indestructible. Have loved the Bromes! Had 2 but the raccoons got the better of them.

  5. I use the AudubonI and Audubon II and the Audubon cage.
    The squirrels are constantly attacking the Audubon I And II trying to dismantle the spring mechanisms. I admire their engineering talent.
    Basically I have surrendered and use a patio table as a platform feeder and let all the wildlife have a picnic. I rely on the possums and skunks to take care of the mice and moles.

  6. We’ve had a lot of luck with “Perky-Pet 336-1SR Squirrel-Be-Gone Bird Feeder with Weight Activated Perches” for hanging feeders, along with the use of baffles (in the shape of a dome). The feeder hangs underneath the baffle. Until we started using baffles (which totally keeps the squirrels off our feeders), I would cover the leaves on the feeder with vaseline and then pat on cayenne pepper. That worked pretty well, but now with the baffles, I don’t need the cayenne pepper. We have several Brome feeders which we don’t use as much because they have to be filled every day. The Squirrel-Be-Gone feeder only needs filled every 3-4 days. Obviously, the same things don’t work for everyone but we’ve been lucky.

  7. It’s good to know from your post here that there are many outdoor bird feeders online that is squirrel proof. My friend like to have a bird pet for her house but is unsure if she can keep it for a long time since there are many squirrels in their area. I tell her about the squirrel-proof feature of the outdoor bird feeding we can buy online.

  8. I have had several different “squirrel proof” feeders and none have worked. Ones like the Absolute, they learn to sit on top and lean down so the closer isn’t triggered. The cage type – red squirrels and young ones can get in. Ones like the Brome 200, they bent up the “leaves” and chewed the plastic to enlarge the holes. Any feeders that have plastic or wood at the top, they chew through so the feeder falls to the ground. I’ve also tried the peppered seeds but my southern squirrels must be part Mexican because they are not deterred. My house is on a hill, with the front porch and living room half a story above ground level, too tall for a shepherd’s hook, so I have to hang my feeders off the roof overhang. There’s no way of baffling the squirrels. sigh

  9. I totally agree. But I’m more upset with the Company, Droll Yankee, who invented and is selling such a sick cruel product. Imagine if this was being done to a cat or dog!! It should be taken off the market. I am upset that this site would feature it!! Please remove it.

    1. I agree with Carol Ann, shocking treatment. just because you don’t like the furry tailed creatures others who feed a lot of wild birds are not cruel to them in fact if you put out a squirrel box with corn in it they will be so focused on the corn mine don’t bother with the seed feeders and only eat seed dropped on the grass.

  10. I just watched a video on YouTube where a man used a golf umbrella as a baffle. It worked too. He had to modify it and place metal tape around the umbrella rim but it kept the squirrels out. 😀

  11. I just bought the Brome Squirrel 150. It arrived today. I am tired of having the squirrels eat all my bird seed AND chew up my feeders. I have had to replace my feeders every spring. So with the money I’ve wasted on seed and feeders I decided to invest in a BROME feeder. If it works like all the reviewers say it does I may purchase a second one.

  12. For bird feeders on a pole we have found the perfect and inexpensive solution. Buy a Slinky toy for about $3. Stretch it out and place it on the pole. We have many squirrels that try to get in that feeder and we’ve never seen one succeed! The local squirrels rarely even try anymore.

  13. I had an Absolute feeder in my backyard, and it did a decent job being squirrel-proof. My birds would gather at the feeder in big #’s, and the roof would get so full of droppings. I was cleaning it thoroughly once a week, too. I finally got tired of the cleaning maintenance, and replaced it with a tube feeder

  14. The Absolute worked for a very short time before the squirrels figured out how to get to the food by hanging upside. Also, they eventually broke the spring on one side, so they were able to get food on that side.. The birds didn’t care for #2.

  15. I think it’s ridiculous spending that much money for a bird feeder. If you put any feeder on a tall shepherds hook or pole and mount an upside down flower pot (about 10 inch) on the shaft (high enough to thwart jumpers), it acts as a baffle. If it’s light duty pot, put a metal pie plate inside pot to frustrate the chewers. You have to keep the feeder away from trees and buildings or the jumpers will make try for it. I have used this method for a decade now, always works. A floppy metal disc (about 15″) will also work.