When Do Orioles Come Back to Ontario? (Get your feeders ready!)

As winter turns into spring, there is really only one thing on my mind.


When will orioles make their return to Ontario?!

when do orioles get back to Ontario

Seriously, I am counting down the days until I can put out fresh oranges, grape jelly, and nectar in my oriole feeders again!


First, let me give you my disclaimer that there isn’t a specific date every year that Baltimore and Orchard Orioles arrive in Ontario from their long migration northward. The exact dates change every year depending on certain environmental factors, such as weather and food availability.


Baltimore Orioles spend the winter in warm climates, such as Central America, northern South America, and some individuals even choose to stay in Florida. Depending on their exact wintering location, they start migrating north to their breeding grounds sometime in April. Mid-April to mid-May is the peak of oriole migration!


With that being said, they do tend to get back around the same time every year.


In Ontario, I would start looking for the orioles to return in mid-May.

orioles arrive back from migration

And to be prepared, I would put out your oriole feeders on May 10th!


Putting out oranges, grape jelly, and nectar in your oriole feeders on May 10th might seem a bit early, but you want to make sure you are ready for the first arrivals. Remember that these birds have just migrated a LONG distance and will be extremely hungry and tired. In addition, there are not many flowers blooming, ripened fruit, or bugs flying around yet for them to eat and reload their energy reserves.


Setting out food for orioles will provide a valuable meal for them. Don’t worry if you are a bit early, as it doesn’t hurt anything to put your oriole feeders out before any birds have arrived.


Interestingly, you can also TRACK orioles on their way back to Ontario!


Here’s how:


You can use EBIRD to follow the northward migration of orioles to see if they have been spotted in Ontario yet.


If you haven’t heard of it, eBird is a database where people upload their bird observations. The great part about it is you can use this data to determine when it’s time to put up your oriole feeders in Ontario.


If you want to learn how to use eBird to do this, please watch the video below! (In the video, I am demonstrating how to follow hummingbirds, but the same concept applies to orioles. 🙂 )


When do you put your oriole feeders back up in Ontario?


Please leave a comment below.


Make sure to mention WHERE you live!


Thanks for reading. 🙂

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  1. 2021 was May 3rd.
    2022 was May 5th
    This is in the KW area. I dont know where you live in Ontario but I personally think May 10th might be a little late. Ill put mine up the last week of April just in case. If not anything the house finches love the grape jelly.

  2. Saw my first Orioles ever in London Ontario today. I have lots of other birds visit my feeders and in the 35 years I have lived here have NEVER seen a single Oriole until today. Two males jousting in a tree outside my kitchen. Amazing!

  3. I put out orange halves in a net bag ( onion bag) on April 29. Had a pair of Orioles visit on May 1st . They are here all day each day since. Mississauga

  4. I’m in Kitchener and last year was May 3rd. I haven’t seen them yet and today is May 3rd. Hearing lots of people in Ontario seeing them early this year. Getting worried, fingers crossed

  5. Last year, we had Baltimore Orioles at our feeder on May 1st. We live walking distance from Lake Ontario on the border between Pickering and Scarborough. We are in high anticipation that they may return any day now!