When do orioles leave Michigan? (to migrate south)

As the middle of summer arrives in Michigan, Baltimore Orioles & Orchard Orioles are getting ready to start their migration back south to Central America, northern South America, and even Florida.

when do orioles leave to michigan?

Crazy, right? It feels like they just got here. I hate knowing I won’t get to see these beautiful orange birds until next spring!

At this time of year, a common question I get asked is:


“When do orioles leave Michigan?“

First, let me give you my disclaimer that there isn’t a specific date every year that orioles leave Michigan to head south for migration. They rely upon their instinct to tell them when it’s time to go.


During July, most baby orioles are leaving the nest and becoming independent. Once that occurs and breeding season is over, the parents start molting their body and flight feathers in anticipation of their migration south.

when do orioles leave

Believe it or not, some orioles leave Michigan as early as July!


But the majority of orioles start their migration south in August.


By September, it’s rare to see any orioles still hanging around.

To attract orioles to their yard, many people set out fresh oranges, grape jelly, and nectar, which orioles will readily consume when they first get back to Michigan in the spring. But as summer progresses and flowers bloom, fruits ripen, and bugs are readily available, orioles don’t need your feeders as much.


So even though orioles may still be in the area, it’s pretty common for them to stop visiting feeders in early summer.


Most seasons, I put my oriole feeders away in July because the birds have stopped using them! My recommendation is to observe your feeding station regularly, so you know when the orioles have stopped visiting for the year.


Interestingly, you can also TRACK orioles to see if any birds are still in Michigan!


Try using EBIRD to see if anyone has still been seeing orioles near you.


If you want to learn how to use eBird to do this, please watch the video below! (In the video, I am demonstrating how to track hummingbirds, but the same concept applies to orioles. 🙂 )


When do you usually see the last oriole in Michigan?


Please leave a comment below.


Please make sure to mention WHERE you live!


Thanks for reading. 🙂

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  1. I live in Egelston township in Michigan and I usually see the last orioles Labor Day weekend.

  2. Grandville MI. Still have several Orioles consistently at the jelly feeder. But the sparrows & robins have been there constantly all summer this year. Never had that before!

  3. Orioles still here outside of Brighton MI. Canaries and house finches share the jelly. No one has been interested in the oranges this year. Never had orioles still feeding this late! We actually had a big make land on our small window hummingbird feeder trying to eat from it when the jelly was gone!

  4. Have also tried everything & have found that 100% pure Peppermint oil works the best, with a
    Qtip put the peppermint on the top rim, inside the upper inside portion & under the top portion of the jelly container, bees/hornets don’t like the smell & it doesn’t bother the orioles, might get a straggler bee or two but this eliminates the swarming of bees, also may have to touch up with more peppermint throughout the day due to evaporation, good luck. !!!

  5. We live in Kalamazoo county. Yesterday we had lots of Orioles and today we have yet to see one.
    Our hummingbirds are also fewer in number, maybe 3 females still buzzing.

    1. Exactly! I have not had to refill jelly today and this weekend it was non stop feeding. And agree, not many hummingbird this year.

  6. We still have several still feeding also but not as many as all summer! Yes the hornets are a nuisance for sure!! They even bother me when I am filling the feeder! The birds just peck away at them!! I have many hummingbirds yet still coming to these feeders also! I feel bad for these little guys too! Darn hornets! I guess they have to eat though too!!! Lol

  7. My Ortonville Oriels left on Tues, 8/30 (Last seen on 8/29, heard on 8/30), driven out by yellowjackets and hornets on feeders.

  8. August 22. Huron County. Numerous Orioles eating a jar of grape jelly a day. My next doir neighbor tells me the same is happening at her house. Love seeing them!

  9. I have lots of Orioles still here in mid Lapeer’s County. They are eating a jar of jelly a day! 7-8 at a time!

  10. I live in north east livingston cty and the orioles are eating grape jelly like crazy after a break. Half a jar in 3 days. Have to fill it twice a day.

  11. my sister in clarkston has gotten a second round of orioles last week and continuing. i’m in northern st clair county. put the jelly out hoping for a few more visits.

  12. I live in Lapeer county approximately 4 miles north of LAPEER. for the last 2 weeks I have had an exorbitant number of orioles at my grape jelly feeder after a lull. This has not happened before, I have seen as many as 9 orioles around my feeder at one time. Went thru 2 quarts of jelly in 2 weeks. I will probably open jar #10 for the season this evening.

  13. We live in lower East corner of Monroe Co. Michigan near Lake Erie & as of Aug. 1st our Orioles have stopped coming to our feeders. Hate to see them leave.