When do orioles leave Wisconsin? (to migrate south)

As the middle of summer arrives in Wisconsin, Baltimore Orioles & Orchard Orioles are getting ready to start their migration back south to Central America, northern South America, and even Florida.

when do orioles leave Wisconsin?

Crazy, right? It feels like they just got here. I hate knowing I won’t get to see these beautiful orange birds until next spring!

​At this time of year, a common question I get asked is:

“When do orioles leave Wisconsin?”

​First, let me give you my disclaimer that there isn’t a specific date every year that orioles leave Wisconsin to head south for migration. They rely upon their instinct to tell them when it’s time to go.

During July, most baby orioles are leaving the nest and becoming independent. Once that occurs and breeding season is over, the parents start molting their body and flight feathers in anticipation of their migration south.

when do orioles leave

Believe it or not, some orioles leave Wisconsin as early as July!

But the majority of orioles start their migration south in August.

By September, it’s rare to see any orioles still hanging around.

To attract orioles to their yard, many people set out fresh oranges, grape jelly, and nectar, which orioles will readily consume when they first get back to Wisconsin in the spring. But as summer progresses and flowers bloom, fruits ripen, and bugs are readily available, orioles don’t need your feeders as much.

So even though orioles may still be in the area, it’s pretty common for them to stop visiting feeders in early summer.

Most seasons, I put my oriole feeders away in July because the birds have stopped using them! My recommendation is to observe your feeding station regularly, so you know when the orioles have stopped visiting for the year.

Interestingly, you can also TRACK orioles to see if any birds are still in Wisconsin!

Try using EBIRD to see if anyone has still been seeing orioles near you.

If you want to learn how to use eBird to do this, please watch the video below! (In the video, I am demonstrating how to track hummingbirds, but the same concept applies to orioles. 🙂 )

YouTube video

When do you usually see the last oriole in Wisconsin?

Please leave a comment below.

Please make sure to mention WHERE you live!

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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  1. Having an abundant grape crop last year. I made 40 pint of grape jelly. I used the last of it August 26, 2023. Today is August 30. The feeder is empty. Is it ok to stop feeding them? We live near Ladysmith, WI

  2. We live in Turtle Lake
    July 26 2023
    Saw 5 oriels on my feeder waiting for me to refill the jelly tray; put tray back and they haven’t returned in 2 hours! 😳

  3. Cedarburg, Wisconsin here. I still have Oriel’s coming in to my feeders. But the feeder is not nearly as active this week as it had been the past two weeks. I was refilling my two feeders twice a day then. Today… I see 1 or 2 birds coming in.. the feeders are still going down, but I won’t have to refill it until tomorrow, if that. 19 July 2023

    1. My male Orioles disappeared about 4 days ago. The females are very active eating more grape jelly than ever. They must be preparing to follow the males out soon. 🙁. It goes by so quickly.

      1. I live near Spooner wisconsin, way up North. Today is the 18th of August, and the Orioles have been hitting my feeders pretty hard the last few days. I think they’re stocking up on energy and calories and will be leaving shortly.

        1. Mine too in Portage County. We are filling 2 feeders twice a day sometimes with jelly. I think they are bulking up to leave. They never say goodbye and I miss them when they go!

  4. Aug 30th, 2022 and just last week and half we had 4 male Orchard Orioles and 4 females try and vie for my humming bird feeder so I put out the grape jelly feeders again. They were little pigs eating several times a day then 2 days ago, only 1 male came. I had put the feeders away in beginning of August because the Boston O’s were gone. Going to be a long fall and winter till they return in spring but we still get hummers for awhile.

  5. Cindi
    August 25, 2022 – Green Bay
    I’ve had tons of orioles and hummers all summer (went through 26 jars of jelly). Like a switch, they’re gone. Jelly hasn’t been touched since yesterday. My window Hummingbird feeders haven’t been touched since 8/23. Sad…long time until next May.

  6. 17:50 August 24, 2022. Just had two females on our grape jelly. We have had a steady flow all summer. It is letting up a little though. Must be the quality of our jelly.

  7. Had several female’s & ac male this past Sunday Aug 21st but now it’s mostly just a few females probably hitting the jelly & sugar water as they’re passing through. Just saw 3 females at the feeders this morning Aug 24th but I’ve started limiting the jelly I put out now because they’re gradually leaving the area, in Centuria WI.

  8. Last week there were at least 6-7 different orioles fighting for the jelly and oranges on the feeder all day. The last 2 days I’ve only seen 2, one male one female. Im in Neshkoro, Wi. Sad to see them leave. 8/23/2022

  9. In Kenosha I have 6-8 orioles on the oranges and grape jelly. They are eating more now than they do in the spring. Aug 23, 2022.

  10. We still have 6 or 7 here near Frederic, Wi. They are usually scarce from late June to late July, but they are back with youngsters in tow. They abandoned the oranges, in favor of grape jelly and hummingbird nectar, but they should be heading out by the end of this month. They did the same last year too. Today is August 17th 2022.

  11. I just had both a male and a female trying to eat out of my hummingbird feeder even though I have nectar in oriole feeders!

  12. I saw a male oriole on Aug 11 2022 at our feeder in Kenosha Wi. I put out and orange to feed him or her. Nice to see them still around.

  13. August 8th, 2022 and I still have immature orioles coming to my jelly, but I’ve cut way back on what I put out. I’m still see a couple of females but no males. They’ll be gone soon I expect.

  14. Mine probably left Northwestern Wisconsin a few weeks ago. Other birds and a squirrel have been eating their grape jelly. Time to stop trying to feed them.

  15. So many of them came for weeks in May, now 1st week of June they have disappeared in Beloit, WI