Wild Turkey Calls (Learn 3 Common Sounds)

Turkeys are a bird that most people know because of their popularity on Thanksgiving. But most of the turkeys that are eaten come from farms and not the woods.  Below, we will be talking about Wild Turkey calls only.

Wild Turkey Song and CALLS:

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Sound #1: Gobble

This Wild Turkey song is called the gobble. It is only made by the males. Described as the Wild Turkey version of a rooster crowing, the gobble is meant to attract females but also to talk with other males.

Typically, a male turkey will perch high in a tree top to gobble, this ensures that the sound travels the farthest.

Sound #2: Wild Turkey Yelps

As turkey chicks get older, it is common to see flocks of multiple hens (females) and chicks together. Wild Turkeys are very social birds and have multiple calls like this one to bring the group together. Turkeys will even call out if they are lost or have found something good to share.

Sound #3: Chump Calls

Wild Turkey calls aren’t all that confusing, but it is fun to watch a flock of them and see how they react to different calls, especially if a Gobbler is around. This chump call is given by males while they are strutting around, they may also even start to hum. In this recording, you may also hear the hen calling to her chicks. Listen closely, and you can even hear her chicks calling back.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a Wild Turkey before?

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