The 7 Best Cameras for Wildlife Photography (2018)

Whether you’re considering your first DSLR camera for wildlife photography or looking to upgrade your current camera, the following question typically arises:   What are the top-rated and best cameras for wildlife photography?   The list below helps answer this question and provides 7 cameras that can take excellent pictures of wildlife. The list is organized by price since that is what (most) photographers claim […]

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Celestron Nature DX Review: The Best BUDGET Binoculars on Planet Earth

The Celestron Nature DX binocular gets my vote for the BEST binocular if you are on a tight budget.   And there is really no other competition among binoculars under $200. Compare Celestron Nature DX Prices! Amazon Adorama     Quick Links: Celestron Nature DX Review  The 4 People the Nature DX is Perfect For 5 Reasons to Purchase the Celestron Nature DX  The 3 […]

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The 11 Best Spotting Scopes for Bird Watching (2018)

Owning a quality birding spotting scope is a necessity for most birders.   Here’s why:   While binoculars are easy to carry as they hang off your neck, their magnification can only get you so close to the action.   For example, the average bird watching binoculars have a zoom of 8x-10x. This is wonderful until the bird you are observing has flown to the […]

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Leica Noctivid Review: The 7 BEST Reasons to Purchase Today

“The best binoculars we’ve ever made.” ~ Leica   Statements like this make you take notice. Especially coming from a company like Leica that has been in business for over 100 years and has built up such an incredible reputation for their optics.   In August 2016, the Leica Noctivid was introduced and replaced the Leica Ultravid-HD with the honor as the companies best binocular. […]

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14 Actionable Bird Watching Tips for Beginners (and a few for everyone!)

So you’ve been bitten by the bird watching bug?   Congratulations! You are one of the millions from around the world that consider themselves a bird watcher or birder.   But beginning any new activity, sport, or hobby (the debate about what to call bird watching rages) there is an ostrich egg’s size of information to learn and only so much time in a day. […]

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The 8 Best Binoculars for Bird Watching (2018)

Can we agree that shopping for the BEST bird watching binoculars can be incredibly frustrating?   There are countless makes and models, all making some pretty big promises. After doing some research, more questions usually arise.   How much should I spend? Am I getting ripped off?  Which brand is the best?     I spent hours upon hours (seriously, way too much time!) digging […]

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Zeiss Victory Review: 9 Reasons to Buy Today! (And one reason you shouldn’t)

Watching birds and observing nature is fantastic!   Shopping for binoculars is not. 🙁   I think you can agree that it is time-consuming and frustrating!   There are countless models, technical details, and specifications to comb through! There is much research that needs to do!   I wanted to provide a resource for one of my favorite binoculars.   The Zeiss Victory SF has […]

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Zeiss Conquest HD Review: The 8 Reasons To Purchase Today! (And the 2 Reasons You Shouldn’t)

I think you will agree that shopping for new bird watching binoculars can be time-consuming and overwhelming!   There are so many different models, technical details, and specifications to comb through!   It would be nice to have the best features of each binocular condensed into a simple and easy to read list.   Lucky for you!   In this review, I am going to […]

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Nikon Monarch 7 Review: 7 Reasons to Buy Today!

So you’re trying to decide if the Nikon Monarch 7 (8×42) deserves to be your next birding binocular?   You have come to the right place!   I did my best to review this fantastic optic. After hours of research, testing and speaking with Nikon and authorized dealers, I can honestly say the Nikon Monarch 7 is one of my favorite choices for bird watching […]

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Nikon Monarch 5 Review: 4 Reasons To Purchase Today!

The Nikon Monarch 5 tries to play a game that not many binoculars are successful at playing.   They attempt to provide an affordable price AND quality image.   Compare Nikon Monarch 5 Prices! Amazon Adorama     So did Nikon succeed?   I am convinced.   After spending some time reviewing the Monarch 5, I think it is one of the best binoculars in its […]

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Leica Trinovid HD Review: A Premium Binocular at Half the Cost!

When shopping for the perfect binoculars, the age-old dilemma often presents itself:   How do you have your cake and eat it too?   Here is what I mean:   Everyone wants high-quality products AND the lowest price possible. Of course, this is mostly an oxymoron. Good AND cheap rarely go together.   Enter the Leica Trinovid HD: Compare Trinovid HD Prices! Amazon Adorama   […]

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